Cagoule Fun and Frolics

Sep 5, 2012

So here I sit here in rainwear, head to toe in ‘Peter Storm’ rainwear and Hunters wellys to finish off the look. Of course this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! However for my cagoule slave I’m a sight made in heaven. My slave arrives and dresses for the occasion and boy has he brought some multi coloured vintage cagoules for us to share. Thank God for air conditioning as the temperature certainly rises when wearing multi layers.

The session starts my slave strapped to the whipping bench; ropes to colour match his outfit, hands praying for help that never comes. What better way than to welcome him back to the fold that work my nimble fingers into his ass, toying with his prostate and offering some tease and denial. Luckily my strap-ons are not far from reach, ill need those too.

Next were in the medical room, suddenly a ‘Cagoule Nurse’ is working away fixing her patient to the bench, attaching electrics and sounds to every orifice. We are photographing and filming this session, enjoying the delights of the camera and ramping up the electrics to force a smile (or is it a grimace) .

I think I must have had my creative head on as I managed to do some ‘ultimate cagoule bondage’ using some trouser bags for mitts, a cagoule double joined to the table for total wrapping and additional cagoule sleeves for ties. I know I left an impression as my slave managed a double climax one after the other with approx 30 seconds gap between. Homework for my slave, hit a treble in my honour.

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