Cell Block M Opens its Doors..

Jul 27, 2011

Preparations are well under way for 'Cell Block M' opening its gates for the first set of detainees tomorrow. There have been outfit selections, charge sheet preparations, plus the obvious final tweaks to the cages, before the prisoners march in tomorrow morning. There are still a few finishing touches that have not been ready in time despite best efforts (e.g. my 'Cell Block M' metal cut out placard...or the permanent trap door that I wanted in place. However, these finishing touches are just icing on the cake. The cells are ready, the shackles in place and Sherry and myself are taking great delight in planning the misfortune of the 'residents'.

This will be a special day, especially as dear Sherry will be departing for pastures new. She is definitely attending this and the next multi day but any special double sessions will need to take place in the evening with plenty of advance planning as she is following a professional career path. What a wonderful couple of years we have had, she will be sorely missed by all who met her. I especially will miss her cooking amongst other things!!!

So, all those preparing for a full on day tomorrow, we shall not disappoint, get a good night's sleep, you are going to need it...

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