Cell Block M Time

Jan 26, 2015

 Newbie slaves are always interesting but I find that it's essential to take a firm grip on them from the start in order for their future training to proceed according to my strict timetable and rules. One first time caller to Hanwell Manor was left in no doubt whatsoever about how pathetic he was and how desperately in need of discipline and training he was when he stepped into my dungeon domain this week. He has asked for cell time as part of his session and it was immediately clear to me that some quiet time to ponder his slave future was indeed just what was needed.

I don't think he quite anticipated how rapidly he would be chained and helpless, and he certainly didn't anticipate being placed in my upstairs cage and then hoisted in bondage through the dungeon ceiling to the realm of Miss Miranda's Cell Block 'M.' I introduced him to Cell One with multiple leather restraints and some suitable predicament bondage which meant that every time he moved, he pulled on some delicate part of his anatomy. Even so, it was not long before I made a surprise visit to the cells and found him wanking, despite my orders that he should lie still and not touch his pathetic man-parts.

His punishment was to be moved to Cell Two and equipped with anit masturbation mitts whilst his entire body was covered in a myriad of chains and metal cuffs and restraints. He was pretty immobile by the time I closed the cell door and left him to his own devices. Did he still try (unsuccessfully) to wank. Oh Yes!

There was nothing else for it but to teach him that he can cum in my dungeon on my terms only. His next lesson was to be placed in my water-sports box with hands to his side while I showered him with a flood of warm house champagne. It was supposed ot be punishment but I have a sneaky suspicion the wretch enjoyed it, because it was but the work of a moment for me to use my Magic Wand vibrator in just the right spot and complete his successful milking.

My newbie was left speachless with orders to clear up the mess....I know I've got into his head and started his training on the right lines: he'll be back for more.

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