Chained, Restrained and Left.

Mar 1, 2013

I’m really getting into these long drawn out sessions, be it prolonged teased and denial on my wonderful machines, extended multi days or a 6 hour cell based multiple chained bondage of epic proportions. I use the word epic as this describes my last session with my prisoner. Indeed, a slave who has visited Hanwell Manor before but on this occasion got a lot more than he bargained for. I guess the multi ‘locked and left’ day that involved very little leaving (I know I’m hopeless at leaving bodies well alone) had taught me a lesson in the sense that drawing out the misery/ecstasy mix was another way to punish and play and my sub in question and the fact that he had indeed requested to be chained naked for most of the time set the scene nicely. I am pleased to report that putting aside my usual items of choice (body-bags, strait jackets etc.) and concentrating on more chains, straps, cuffs and bars gave me the variety to put my very bondage skills to the test to ensure varied and creative positions were achieved. My subbie looked great lying on his back, legs chained to the ground, hands held in a stockade that had been suspended from the ceiling beam ensuring very little movement. How horrid of the jailor in question to suddenly attach cock and anal electrics and leave the cell key in sight but totally out of reach. Of course the ‘in sight’ part didn’t apply when the lights were off and total darkness prevailed.

Some of the time was spent with my flashing ‘cell block m’ sign lighting the room, reminding my slave of his predicament. Some of the time the wretch was hogtied with varies bits attached to limbs to ensure no bids for freedom were indeed attempted. No point calling out when the rest of the world can’t hear you! Silence can be bliss can it not?

Digressing slightly here, some of my slaves like to tack on an hour in the cells to extend their session; this seems to be the norm, perhaps going for a 2 hour session with some cell time in the middle. This indeed does work very well, but when a sub requests an extended cell stay, he of course gets more than he bargained for. Regular interval position changes stop cramp and other such nasty’s occurring. I’d much rather choose the time of change than be dictated to by circulation so changing when the position is taxing but just about bearable suits me well. Throw in a good dose of cp to the mix for good measure and you have a recipe for success.

Now usually I stick to one session outline on a blog but alas I’ve been a bid sporadic with some of my mentions due to my schedule. Therefore, I’m going to now take the time to mention the landmark victory; man against equipment session with my regular subbie. In this session he achieved a real success in taking my MASSIVE strap-on and equally enormous butt plug. Usually his sessions take a couple of hours but on this day my sub decided to extend. In return for this time extension coupled with his willingness to push the boundaries we managed to get his ass to accommodate more than was possible before. Well done you.

I also want to mention another sub that of course as always will remain nameless. Thanks to him in here cooking my OWN DINNER and making my own coffees. Such a slave who puts a very well paid contract before the joy of cooking and cleaning for me! Admittedly he did ask permission before taking on this task, however, let it not go unnoticed that fending for myself is not norm and indeed with it will be ramifications of a serious nature. I may book him in for an entire day, let the country function without him, it will continue to turn but transforming him into a human doormat and draft excluded is just the warm up. Careless slave to push his luck with his mistress don’t you think.

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