Chastity and Chastisement

Mar 2, 2014

Mix one slave whose cock has been locked away in a chastity device since New Year’s Eve and another who is desperate for a session with me, and willing to do anything to earn it, and you have the recipe for a lot of dominatrix fun. Being the creative Mistress that I am, I couldn’t resist putting the two subbies together to see how anxious they each were to please me. I strapped my chastity slave, whose balls were full to overflowing, from the electric winch in my suspension room and ensured that every inch of him – apart from his metal and plastic encased cock – was wrapped up in tight leather bondage. Then I told my frustration slave to sit in front of him with his legs spread and his hands locked away in a leather straight jacket. From there it was easy to tie him around my chastity guys legs so that his mouth was pressed up against his fellow-slave’s locked-away genitalia and his tongue and lips could work around the device to further arouse and tease as required. “You can lick, suck and tease his through his device,” I instructed my most obedient slave. “I don’t want him to cum but, if he can’t hold back, then make sure it all spurts out down your throat.”

I left the two alone to get better acquainted for a while and then decided to move position so that I could really test the limits of their devotion. Removing the chastity device for the first time in 60 days brought tears of gratitude to one slave’s eyes, even though being locked away at my pleasure is his dearest and most fulfilling wish in life. I tied him down on the bondage throne, blindfolded and with his legs spread wide and his now-erect cock straining to empty his poor, ignored bollocks. My second slave was again position between his legs and told simply to suck and suck as though his life depended upon it: which in a way it did, because he lives to session with me and he knew that I could withhold my company from him for weeks if he failed me in this simple task. I stayed long enough to see that he was doing his best to fulfil my instructions and then carried on with some other tasks I needed to get done around the dungeon. There was good and bad news when I got back: I found that my sucking subbbie had removed his confining rubber hood without permission but then realised that this breach of discipline was purely because it allowed him better access to deep-throat his fellow slave. It was touch and go but, because I was in a particularly good mood that day, I decided to give the benefit of the doubt and accept that he had disobeyed me only in order to better carry out my instructions to give the best oral sex he could imagine to his friend. He had earned his session with me and it was time to concentrate on making his life Hell. Locking the chastity device back in place, I banished my chastity slave back to a lonely few hours locked in my attic cells where he had already spent a good part of the day, languishing alone to fully consider the constant ache of need in his balls.

My second subbie was popped into a new rubber body bag in the medical room and attached to my milking machine – all set to a frustratingly slow speed to increase his own desperation levels and afford him no sort of sexual relief. After a little while to whet his appetite I transported him to my upstairs dungeon for some more serious torment on my new whipping bench. Once he was strapped into place, I set about some intricate bondage ties that I knew would drive this particular slave into ecstasy. Within minutes he found his cock filled with a pumping electric plug, his feet tied upwards towards the ceiling and his big toes tied and pulled downwards so that his lower limbs were immovably trapped. Once I positioned the magic wand vibrator in it new heavy clamp so that it teased and excited the end of his cock, the stage was set for more Mistress fun and games. I would like to say that after a few hours in this position and with the vibrator buzzing away where he could do nothing but accept its attentions, my slave managed to cum all over the floor. But the truth was that I’d designed the whole scene to drive him crazy with lust and then – just like his fellow chastity slave – to leave him unsatisfied, needy and painfully in need of an orgasm. Just before I judged he would finally lose control I turned the magic Wan off, untied him from his bonds and sent him away. His begging pleas for relief and satisfaction were music to my ears. I wonder how long he can endure without cumming – and how anxious he will be to please his Mistress the next time we meet? Only time (perhaps quite a lot of time) will tell.

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