Chobham Woods

Apr 24, 2012

Its always interesting going off site, especially to a new location for me and my trip to Chobham heath was no exception. Known for its dogging activity, but also for an area teaming with wildlife, Chobham offers some wide open spaces, which of first inspection may not be the ideal location for play. However armed with some bright pink underwear, matching pink pegs, arms tied back and balls out on show, my subbie  bravely (coerced of coursed) managed to march his way through some wonderful open land.

Despite the imminent rain (and indeed hailstones) my slave and i had a very entertaining afternoon. For the first time in existence, i managed to view with great delight the skipping of a male in the largest wellingtons you could find and pink t shirt; let’s just say i had an image in my head which i requested played out and my slave did indeed oblige to the maximum potential.
Of course never let it be said that nipples on show go ignored, these were equally pegged and played with. Luckily yours truly had decided to bring some wonderful stinging nettles as a little treat, Chobham may be teaming with wildlife but nettles are nonexistent.

I will add however one low point is that Chobham is not teaming with the dogging activity that i had hoped, however a rainy mid week afternoon is probably not the best time to recruit some local action. We did have one possibility, a man with binoculars who looked very possibly like joining us, however we decided he was probably a bird watcher and alas my subbie was off the hook for some surprise bi action.

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