Cold Enough to Freeze Your Whatsits Off but....

Mar 12, 2013

What a wonderful day filming day I had with Domina Liza yesterday that the weather cannot spoil. Domina Liza is based in Derby and I’m pleased that she made the journey down. It is the first time we’ve met and I’m very happy to report that we hit it off immediately. Id planned a whirlwind day of fetish fun with 3 of my regular subs; outlined with military precision...the only thing that let me down was the weather. Alas the rapid cold snap had caused chaos on the roads, trains and by the look of it from every possible direction for all in attendance but luckily we managed to bind and torment our way through a plethora of scenes.

Our first sub (who was late and of course paid the price for that) found himself promptly trussed up and thrown in a cage. Alas, he was forced to imagine the view of our rubber clad bodies from inside... the poor dear was hooded without eye holes, only a mouth available for use. Trying is best to strain against the bars to get the barest lick of a heel, poor subbie did his best to follow instructions and guess the boot owner. That mouth was a good place to ram a strap on home...shortly followed by a through spit roasting before a return visit to the cage for later amusement.

Next on the agenda was bondage slut who got a close encounter of the rump kind, not only did he manage to swallow a huge but plug whole (in his available ass of course) but he also earned a rubber clad rear on his face for his trouble (you will have to watch the film to see who the owner was. Straps were the name of the game and we used a selection of nipple clams, fingernails and electro stim to illicit the necessary responses from our plaything. Of course I’m massively simplifying a complex and interesting session here but the beauty of two pairs of hands making many things possible means swift flowing changes and bouncing ideas of each other to add even more delight.

My last cat-suited slave did himself proud. Although he has suffered many complicated positions in the past, never backing off from a challenge even when it’s obvious he had bitten off more than he could chew, I’m pleased to report that the total inversion bondage that Liza (and the slave) had requested worked like a charm. Sometimes these challenging positions can take it out of the recipient, placing additional stresses and strains on the body alongside the torment that MUST be endured. Electro-stim can be relentless, pushing and hammering away at the senses but today, my slave stood the challenge in good stead.

A successful day, the challenges mounting up, the gauntlets accepted and in this respect all passed with flying colours.

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