Confusion Reigns

Aug 24, 2012

Summoned to arrive 'dressed', my landed sailor, trapped ashore, cast off from his duties, expects the worst. Prior to his arrival I'd made 'cell plans', the suspension transportation cage had been lowered and a wide wooden lockable collar, heavy duty cuffs and blindfold awaited. I'd given simple instructions to place these on, lock himself in and wait.

A request of some new w-s games had got me thinking, so I'd fashioned a funnel and tube plus other delights for some different delivery methods. After the banging and clattering had subsided, I crept upstairs to the impending heavy scene, bursting at the seams, dialogue prepared....BUT...there was a problem and a huge one at that for me.....Mr Able Seaman had only gone and locked himself into the wrong bloody cage!!! He positioned himself in my 'dog cage' and not the suspension cage. BUGGER. The end result was both of us in fits of laughter, scene broken but hey, that's life and these things happen.

Not a problem (if truth were known) but you have to give a good reason for hauling over the yardarm and dishing out the strokes and this little misadventure seemed as good as any.

Needless to say, the scene moved on to the correct starting place, the all important w-s delivery started (phew!!!) And the mixture of scenes took place.

It seemed the ideal time to move my 'duty dereliction slave' off to the medical room to experience my new 'prolonged wanking device' for the very first time. I'd decided that the lube feed could easily be replaced with something a little more 'house special', what a special way to wash and wank that cock and all with no hands.

Tease and denial continued upstairs with the mixture of copied and branded magic wands....'Now let's hear you beg, or ill never let you cum for me'......

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