Couple Carnage

Jun 17, 2014

 Death, destruction and carnage – minus the death and destruction: that may be just a slight overstatement, but it’s not really very far off from my explosive, exciting and chaotic Friday night with a married, subbie couple who both wanted to be tested and tormented in my Hanwell dungeon. I always love having couples come to see me because the dynamic between the man and the woman varies so much and I never quite know what to expect or how the experience will work out for us all. It is, however, always fun to find out, especially when both halves of the couple are equally keen to taste new experiences and share their undoubted excitement and pleasure.

They had previously sent me a long list of suggested games to play which I was delighted to see encompassed almost every one of my very long list of speciality services. As I usually strive to do in these situations, I was eager to apply all of the treatments that had been requested by this married couple to each of them equally.

The full treatment began in my suspension room where they had asked to start gently and light-heartedly for what would eventually prove to be a long session of bondage and torment for them both. I put the guy in restrictive bondage on my purple throne, strapping him down carefully so that he had an unrestricted view of what I was about to do to his naked and collared wife. To prevent her from teasing him too much, I fitted her with an ‘o-gag’ and attached ropes around her middle to aid later penetration from me. It became apparent that her nipples were particularly sensitive to being squeezed, although that, of course, didn’t deter me from fitting some snug nipple clamps on both of them. I soon had her kneeling on the whipping bench, exposing her rear and her pussy to his view and to my gentle attentions. I wanted to begin by testing out all of her reflexes and so my fingers were soon probing into her mouth – and her pussy. For her rear, I selected a suitable sized butt-plug and then fitted the appropriate electric wires. I soon discovered that having an electric plug was a first for this feisty lady, though not for her partner. Naturally I needed to discover which of the two could cope with the most current and so I fitted electric bands around the guy’s cock and balls and plugged them both into together.

I have been conducting a long-term scientific experiment with couples who come to see me, and this was the ideal opportunity for more data. I’ve been anxious to discover whether men or women can take more punishment in my chambers and so far (as you might expect) the women have been winning hands down. They can take more pain, torment and discomfort than men without complaining; perhaps an evolutionary legacy of our needs to cope with the pain of childbirth? This couple proved to be no exception and although she was squealing, and he was clearly excited, the woman managed to cope with twice the level of power from my electrics box as he did. (It was perhaps just a little unfair of me not to tell him that cock and balls are always more sensitive to shocks than one’s backside – but ‘Hey Ho’ it must have just slipped my mind to mention such a fact)

As all of my regular slaves know, perfecting heavy bondage, even for one slave, takes considerable time if one is to add all the layers correctly. For two people it is even more of a time-consuming, if fun, business. On top of that, I had to collect some of my equipment from the upstairs dungeon because the girl was so petite that my normal sizes of slave attire were far too large. I usually am meticulous in tidying up all of the used equipment as a session continues, although the clients are always the top priority. But on this occasion I really wanted to give this couple as much of my attention as possible in recognition of the fact that they had travelled a long way to see me. That meant that the room became more and more chaotic as equipment was played with and then discarded to be tidied, cleaned and sterilised later.

For the next part of the session, the woman was strapped onto my gynae bench for me to pierce her nipples and pussy lips with needles, whilst her partner was forced to sit just a foot or so away and watch her torture. I added pussy electrics to increase her torment – although to avoid any complications and because she had been well-behaved thus far - that did mean that I removed all the pussy needles first: how kind a Mistress am I? The Magic Wand followed for which she proved eminently sensitive and all too soon it was time to swap them over and give him his first ever taste of sounds, along with electrified needles through his cock and nipples. As I fully expected, he screamed far more than she did at every turn. A little more time with the Wand and ‘Kaboom’ guaranteed success after so long watching his wife being so cruelly mistreated

All in all I enjoyed their session enormously and am hoping they may come back to play in the future. We never did get the chance to play in all of my rooms and I have a load of new ideas if they do decide to visit once again. Will they be brave enough to do so and fully test my creativity with them both?

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