Couples Play

Mar 27, 2011

Its always nice to play with couples, especially to introduce new elements of play into their arena, as, I know that they will take away with them the new experiences I’ve delivered and spice up their existing playtime at home. This weekend has brought a delightful couple who travelled a considerable distance to play. The lucky male sub was placed in immediate bondage for our personal display and enjoyment, giving up full access to examine his body, paying particular attention to his nipples, ass and mouth. Some serious suspension was applied and before long we were in the medical room introducing him to some sounds, plus electric sounds to show how him that he was nothing other, than a piece of meat, to be arranged, tied and tested for our enjoyment.

The Venus machine left the slave in no doubt who had control of his cock. The seated bondage position displayed his tattoo of devotion to his Mistress before finally moving to my rack, stretching our slave face down so his balls could be pulled and tied. What a complete joy to meet a like minded couple so devoted to Female Domination, I look forward to seeing them on their return visit.

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Medical Room Dungeon Room Suspension Room