'Cuntanamo Bay'

Dec 14, 2012

 Just when you think the days couldn't get any more intense and exciting....they do. After yesterdays filming of my 'Dolly encounter' shortly followed by a Thai meal to refresh those wilting limbs, today’s adventure started with a bang. Thank you Dolly for my rubber gift, I had to christen the new outfit today and it looked great, thank you for doing such a great job at guessing the correct size again.

For the first time I met Lady Bellatrixx for some whirlwind fetish fun and frivolity. Lady Bellatrixx is a creative creature and very lively, with lots of enthusiasm and character. Arriving on time which is always a plus sign for me, Bellatrixx brought a selection of sexy outfits to create some formidable scenes.

We started the days investigation with an official look at 'Cuntanamo Bay' prisoner complaints. One particular trouble making fiend had posted reports to all who would listen about inhumane treatment of a sexual nature and levelled it at some fine upstanding female guards. A crack squad of investigators were sent to hear these claims and decide whether a case was to be heard. The seriousness of the claims were raised to a red alert when no evidence was visible on the prisoner....well not to start with.

Next up Nurse Bellatrixx and Nurse Miranda, a new branch of private health care known as the 'physio terrorists' were set about testing a patients reactions to stimulus. Extreme stretching, probing and strap-on play were required to gain the most from the patients reflexes.

Our third playmate had been an unfortunate individual who had been caught stalking and becoming a general nuisance to both established Dominas and of course such insolence had to be dealt with in the strictest terms. Nipple electrics, ball ties, rubber and ropes were enlisted to hammer the points homes, no margin for error could be accepted, the fate was sealed and now time to face the consequences.

Already I'm sure you can see we had a very hectic day, however he had one more subordinate to deal with, a regular slave who had managed to get caught out for the 2nd time with inappropriate pornography on his laptop, women in bondage, I ask you, could it be any worse.

Multiple cages were indeed called into play and let's just say the prison wing showers were running hot and ice cold. Lucky for all you club site members the material will be gracing the pages in the upcoming months and thank you Lady Bellatrixx for a wonderful whirlwind day, it was an honour to meet you.

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