Daily Dose

Oct 25, 2012

A brief pause during filming has given me opportunity the write the shortest blog about my day thus far. Listening to the adjoining room to the moans of pleasure and discomfort has brought a smile to my face as my poor slave is cocooned in a rubber sheet with anal electrics wacked up on high and the new pumping ‘serious kit’ milker working the unfortunates cock into a slow serious frenzy. Hooded and gagged has not stopped my slaves begging for more, more anal, more speed and more attention but regularly I return to top up the lube feed before disappearing next door to continue to write. The milker seems to have been the theme throughout the week and today is no exception. I’m sure the plug is feeling extremely intense put to such a high level but I’ve suggested another half hour of fun for me to type this blog whist he endures. There will be no release from the unending torment. I’ve put hot cream over the slaves balls, given then a damn good whipping and just as I type I’m hearing him calling out ‘I want to cum, I want to cum’ shortly followed by ‘no chance’ from me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen his cock so large, I don’t think I’ve ever made him moan so intensely before. This milker experience is his first and sure not to be his last. I know he will be thinking of today for a very long time, the rampant need will leave a lasting impression in his dreams and nightmares. Back I go, more fun with my toys are to be had and time waits for no Mistress.

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