Daring and Depravity

Sep 14, 2014

A morning of daring and depravity... all in a day's work at Hanwell towers. I know it's a tough life being a pampered and adored mistress, but waking up knowing that I have two unruly slavegirls and an eager male in tow was certainly an incentive to spring out of bed this morning. Those of you who have met the delightful sherry will fully understand when I say that she is always trouble enough on her own! Add to that the lusts and sexiness of the amazing Miss Miss Mighty Playful and you have a recipe for a most memorable day. Starting the session was easy. I'd banished Sherry to carry on with her household duties whilst I thought it best to put slave Nathan in strict bondage. Applying the Venus 2000 wanking machine to his cock and trapping him in a secure, leather strait jacket seemed to be the safest option because I knew that I would soon by buried deep in Miss Playful's pussy and I wanted no trouble from an overexcited male slave, unable to contain himself from the sight of me tormenting a helpless woman. I kindly (perhaps too kindly) left him a little room to move so that he had the opportunity for a clear view of my warm-up techniques on Miss Mighty Playful. We started our adventure in the medical room where I thought it only prudent to also attach the maximum restraint around her arms and legs. She is such a strong lady and I intended to ensure her total compliance with a thorough working over. I knew that only bondage to the max would do. Warming up the little minx was easy... a good dose of the house medicine followed by some very wet slippery hands teasing her gentle parts. All too soon that was followed by some hard-core fist ramming of her pussy which produced an immediate reaction. My fist stretched and pumped into her, creating an almighty climax with a resultant tidal wave of juice splashed onto the floor. This was just the first of several similar assaults on her pussy, each of which resulted in further climaxes and even more need for the floor to be mopped up. When I thought that I had - for the moment - drained her pussy-well dry, I swapped her with my male slave, Nathan, over and strapped him into the medical chair. It was time to bring in Sherry so that she could join Miss Mighty Playful in some kinky games. Both of the girls were busy trying to ram their breasts into Nathan's face while I used by strap-on to punish his cock for the enjoyment he was clearly getting from their smothering efforts. Of course, one of the two women had not cum at all up until that point and I couldn't prevent young Sherry from jumping up on the bench to sit herself firmly down on Nathan's face in search of a climax of her own. She kept wriggling and rubbing on his tongue until she had enjoyed not one, but two, orgasms and I had to stop her from going for an unauthorised third! The women offered Nathan a delicious vision of naked flesh, perky nipples and smooth and silky breasts and I could see that he was lapping up every minute of their joint attentions. It was time to redress the balance: if they were going to be all sweetness and light, I was going to have to provide the nasty. Tying and separating his balls seemed a good nasty start but to counteract so much fun that he had been enjoying, it was essential to also add some serious weights to keep his testicles under firm control. Adjourning to the suspension room, Nathan was left in a chair in corner with my wanking machine still doing its stuff on his cock. I put Sherry on the whipping bench on her back, strapped with her legs well spread. Miss Mighty buried sherry's face in her breasts and then fingered and licked her pussy until orgasm Number One. Not one to be left out of the action, I was fisting Miss Mighty at the same time until her legs were well and truly trembling. Then I took over the fun task of pumping Sherry's open pussy with my fat strap-on and started abusing her with the Magic Wand vibrator. There was a special treat for Nathan, still tied in the chair, when I allowed him to lick the wand clean of Miss Sherry's copious pussy juice. As a finale - for now - both girls, now satisfied themselves, worked their magic together on Nathan, feeding him pussy fluid and nipple attention to force an almighty male climax. A satisfactory day all round, I feel; so much so that both Sherry and Miss Mighty are already keen to continue soon where things were left off. Bookmark and Share
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