Day In The Life... of Video Specs

Apr 17, 2015

 My slaves are such a narcissistic lot, always wanting to see themselves in the mirror as I fix them in strict bondage and attach various of my devices that bring them pleasure or pain to various parts of their anatomy. I think that’s why my video specs have proved such a hit of late, allowing my subbies to watch me and themselves from a fixed outside camera as their sessions unfold through all the different rooms in my Hanwell dungeon complex.

Just one day in the life of those video specs reveals the true depth of depravity and kinkiness that keeps you all queuing at my door to be dominated, humiliated, hurt and (just occasionally) treated more nicely than ever before and allowed a little sexual release to wash away the discomfort and frustration that I delight in giving you.

The day started in my suspension room with a client who was fascinated to see himself, even though I had locked him away in a heavy rubber hood which left the video specs as his only means of watching the world outside. It’s a disorientating experience, seeing yourself naked as others see you, trying to find your way to the bondage throne to be fixed in place with some of my endless supply of ropes. With his legs spread wide and thighs strapped to the sides of the throne, I could get on with the detail of wrapping his cock and balls suitably and stretching them upwards to allow easy access for anything I might want to try. Suffice it to say that the anticipation of seeing the bondage and the pain to come adds a whole new dimension to my subbie’s session – and to my fun!

The video specs’ next outing was in the medical room with another client who delighted in watching me in glorious colour and close-up as I strapped him down to the medical bench and prepared for a thorough and unrelenting medical exam. I can position the camera wherever I like and so, naturally, I chose a close up that would allow him to see my hands clearly as I lubed up my long latex gloves and prepared to penetrate his rear.

It was fingers first to open up his hole a little before the camera caught me opening up the glass-fronted equipment cabinet to select one of my new metal, electric butt-plugs to increase the stimulation my client was already experiencing in that area. I’ve recently purchased a while new batch of shiny, stainless-steel plugs which now ensure that I always have a suitable size for any occasion.

The finale was for him to watch as I inserted a series of sounds down the shaft of his cock: exciting and disturbing for a man in equal measure as the metal shaft gives whole new sensations whilst I am gently wanking the outside with my latex gloves. It’s a sensation that few of my ciients can resist, a delicious prelude to a full milking and the production of one of the male samples I always need to further the extensive sexual research programme of my Hanwell Clinic.

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