Day Of The Anus

Sep 8, 2013

I’m so pleased with the way that my young apprentice Sherry’s sadistic skills are developing now that she is playing more often at Hanwell Manor. Tease and denial, nipple clamping, strap-on fucking and zapping cock and balls with electrics are just a few of the new skills I have been teaching her in recent weeks. As one of my regular slaves learned to his cost the other evening, Mistress Sherry is now becoming more and more adept at finding new ways to sensually torment and tease my submissives. I had left Sherry alone with a slave who regularly needs the most creative and humiliating treatment and I was delighted to find him crawling up the walls with a mixture of discomfort and lust when I called in to see how she was getting on. Sherry had skilfully and tightly strapped him naked onto the bondage throne in my suspension room and fitted the large electric butt plug and nipple clamps that he requires in order to be kept totally under control. One of my recent lessons for Miss Sherry concentrated on the pleasures of slowly and steadily increasing a slave’s torment throughout a session, rather than simply zapping him into submission at the start. I was gratified, therefore, to learn that the power levels of the butt plug electrics box had been gradually raised as the session continued and had by then reached a point where the slave was twitching with pain as each wave of current peaked and subsided. Once Sherry was convinced that his discomfort was at a suitable setting, she had proceeded to tease the bound slave by disporting her beautiful body in front of him and using one of my magic wand vibrators to get her pussy sopping wet right in front of his eyes. I almost felt sorry for her poor plaything who was straining against the straps to try and touch her and whose cock was drooling with pre-cum whilst Sherry skilfully captured every drop on her rubber-gloved hands and forced it between his lips. 

As soon as I entered the suspension room, however, there were a few additions that I could quickly teach young Sherry to apply. A cock dildo gag in his mouth, bondage mittens on those pesky roaming hands and tight bondage around his balls were quickly in place. Then I showed her how as simple a toy as a plastic bag could be used for breath play that would reduce her victim to a gibbering wreck. The skill comes, I told her, not just in taking away his air so that he panics immediately but in slowly upping his fear over time. How gratifying that she concentrates on her lessons so well. Sherry first placed the bag loosely over the slaves head, then a little later tightened it around his neck and finally held it immovably in place with a leather collar. I could see that Sherry was pleased with her new-found skills because she gradually increased his terror until the slave’s own humiliating ‘safeword’ was finally forced form his lips.
Sherry had been instructed, however, to designate this session as ‘The Day of the Anus ‘ and so the slave was soon strapped down over the whipping bench, arse stuck up in the air, as I helped Sherry into her strap-on harness and selected a suitably large sized rubber cock. My eager little apprentice’s eyes lit up with delight when I told her that it was time to give the slave a serious bout of arse-fucking. She skilfully extracted the wretch’s butt-plug and replaced it with her strap-on. Judging from the moans and groans forced from the slave’s lips her skills in deep fucking his anus are coming on apace and he was soon drooling lube from one end and saliva from the other. Time to change positions and move on for the next stage of the ‘Day of the Anus’ games, I told her.

With my help Sherry positioned herself in such a way that the now-kneeling slave was just inches away from her naked rear. With her bottom up, he could see her pussy and her pretty, puckered little bumhole but was under strict orders not to touch. His frustration levels were at boiling point as I told him he could sniff around her anus but that the slightest touch or lick from his tongue would bring an instant and harsh response. Now, as many of you will know, Sherry can be a mischievous minx and sometimes enjoys getting slaves into trouble even when they have not really misbehaved, and so I am, in truth, not certain as to what happened next . Sherry claimed that he had broken the rules and let his tongue stray to her most private parts - but she may have been lying. It didn’t really matter because obviously I would never take the word of a miserable slave over that of my close friend Sherry and so the wretch immediately knew he was he deep trouble. It was time for Sherry and I to strap him down on the medical bench and teach him what happens to troublesome subs. The end result was a very distressed slave and a very happy Sherry; a pleasing outcome all round, I thought. A lesson my apprentice has learned very well.

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