Oct 4, 2013

 A beautiful bondage model in heavy metal cuffs, collar and boots was the order of the day on Tuesday, which turned out to just as packed with sexy fun and excitement as the past ten days of my trip to the USA. My good friends at Serious Bondage had been in touch with 'Dixon,' a lady best know for her work both in front of the camera and behind the scenes at the fabulous 'Infernal Restraints' web site. As she and I both know only too well, working on any went site is a full-time commitment. I sometimes think how nice it would be to be able to just show up, play and have fun and then leave again. There is one great benefit of being here in San Francisco, however, the rigging, which usually at home falls to me to take care of, is all done for me along with all of the necessary care of the bondage equipment and the restocking of the rooms after each shoot. Even so, me being me, I still feel the need to dictate the choice of scenes, choose the shot order, select the gearpick the positions, decide on the mechanics of the scene and best of all make it happen. My Serious Bondage colleague, Dalton is on hand to position, rig, move and shift any necessary pieces back and forth. To say this arrangement works well is an understatement.


Whenever possible, I like to play to a model's strengths and Dixon being a tough cookie, I knew I could push her into a multitude of positions and sensations. I'd spied some heavy duty metal collars, cuffs and boots that would pair-up perfectly. In the corner of the kitchen was a newly power-coated metal cage so I couldn't resist asking Dalton to move the aforesaid pieces into the studio for us to play with. Kneeling Dixon in these restraints, suspending and rotating the cage and perching myself on top gave me a sense of the foreboding and excitement that Dixon must have been experiencing underneath me as she wondered what on Earth was coming next.

You may all have realised by now that throughout my stay in America I've been purchasing equipment at various stops, (extreme restraints and then last night from Mr S) but none of you will have heard about the new 500 heavy duty shop display clips that the Serious Bondage guys picked up at my request. These devilish devices are way, way stronger than the usual clippy hangers on which I display my gear in London. The fact that I've not been able to find similar ones back home meant that I was eager to try them out. Admittedly they are designed for us in hanging heavy display items in shops but I couldn't resist the fascinating idea of attaching them to a person. The clamp also holds a metal loop to suspend the item, so I though this could be perfect for attaching string and stretching.

Dixon, strapped and wrapped in the metal, suspended in the cage, gagged and tied was not in any real position to offer any resistance. As I began fixing each clamp in place on her body, I could see that the challenge was on. Naturally Dixon and I had discussed safe words, but she was keen to be pushed and I knew she could take it. Adding a clip to the skin may sound too hard, but the strength of these clips, the bondage, the stretch with cord, the length of time this occurs and the endurance required to hold the position are all factors that tell on the body. Dixon, however, was a real trooper, suffering greatly at my hands but pushing herself onwards.

Our next scene involved a leather butterfly jacket that I had spied, however the Serious Bondage guys went one better. They had a jacket on loan that had a red lace-up front to the black leather. This matched my red and black latex to perfection, ticking my fetish for co ordination. The day as always soon ran away with us. Testing out the new, full length, deck cage later in the day meant working outdoors when the temperature was somewhat colder than originally anticipated. A little chill in the air didn't, however, stop me stripping Dixon down to bare flesh, attaching manacles to her and placing her with her ass stuck up in the air: "perfect place to park my bike" Dalton joked.


The final two scenes made use of some crotch-high ballet boots which Dixon fell in love with. Her first bondage position had her bound to a table and suspended in them whilst the second saw her stretched completely upright on her tiptoes with the aid of a white Maxcita suspension jacket. So, wrapping up the filming at bang on 6pm, I had the opportunity to make the last minute dash toMr S kinky leather goods store before closing time. I had my eye on a few things which I'm going to use tomorrow with another new and fascinating model, Elise Graves - another star of some of America's best bondage sites. What exactly did I buy? I hear you ask....That's for me to know and my poor green-eyed slaves to lust over and wonder about. Watch this space and all will be revealed.


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