Dog House

Sep 26, 2012

Let's set the scene, my slave has been ordered to wait for me on his knees, trembling with anticipation is nothing new for this wretch, the dry mouth and that inevitable heart pounding moment as he hears his Mistress tread in a not too gentle fashion up the stairs. I throw the door open with all the menace I can muster and boom '2 months, 2 months I've been kept waiting for your flesh and here you finally are, you understand that your suffering will be twofold, firstly without your monthly attendance it means your pain levels have dropped considerably so you will be suffering with ease. Secondly, I have a surprise for you, one that I will enjoy and you undoubtedly will not.

I must say I do love a bit of drama from time to time, comedy works well as does hamming up the scene. However, when a slave knows he genuinely is in the doghouse then trouble is afoot.
'Today, your nipples will be tweaked, tied and electrified, you ass will be brought to bare, you cock will suffer some serious frustration but best of all I have my wickedly surprise, a male player who will assist topping you. You will obey him as you do me or else'.

Leaving the visitor to join in at the end of the scene does add an edge. Preparing my slave also has the added advantage of what I like to call 'whimp factor'. Here, the slightest touch will indeed have my crawling slave howling like a hound as I've already given him a bit of a going over. My guest has spotted that the slave is sweating profusely (a sure sign of a work over) however, I have to tell a little white lie, 'he walked here today, I haven't touched him .....yet (with a little wink saying all)....

I of course laugh at the pathetic attempts of my dog slave to obey his new master, following commands at an alarmingly slow and pathetic rate. Both my guest and I decide that the best thing for this creature is to shackle a hand each and let him wank, I drag on the left rope, pulling his hand away at the appropriate moments, my top male pulls on the right. I love the "ruined orgasms" that we managed to produce, I think I'll continue this in the next scene


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