DomCon Delights

May 18, 2014

I was almost too weary to enjoy the delights of a wonderful meal of seared scallops and swordfish last night after a hectic day promoting my new DVD and book as Special Guest of Honour at DomCon in Los Angeles. The event is a whirl of receptions, parties, rubber, leather, sexy women and hunky guys in every imaginable form of fetish wear: I feel quite at home here! As you would expect the weather has been glorious sunshine and I have had to work hard every day at one of the world’s most famous gyms - Gold’s Gym at Venice Beach - to combat the effects of USA-sized portions of delicious food and the occasional glass of my favourite wine.

Amidst all of the busy work of promotions, meeting-and-greeting fellow Mistresses, arranging future film sessions with some of America’s most famous dommes and most beautiful submissive girls, I have even found time for a session or two with a couple of clients on this side of the Atlantic. Of course there has been little room in my cases for much of my normal, extensive, bondage and torment equipment and so I have had to improvise a little. Mistreating one American subbie took me right back to my early days as a dominatrix when I would torment men with the contents of a small travelling case which was easy to transport to appointments. The sub in question couldn’t have been more pleased (and punished) when I used one of my own shoes to repeatedly spank and redden his arse-cheeks in a session in my hotel room.

To cap it all I even took pity on own of my owned slaves who has travelled with me to carry bags, clean clothes, run errands and generally get in my way on this trip. The wretch was clearly deeply frustrated after days of watching his Mistress looking wonderful and sexy in front of so many DomCon guests, so I thought it might be time for one of his rare milkings. Naturally, he had to suffer for the privilege of my attentions and so I decided to take advantage of his only real talent; his ability to clean up after me. After a few glasses of wine at DomCon rceptions I was badly in need of a pee and his hotel room was the ideal place to do it. Now, as many of you will know, I can always produce copious quantities of ‘house champagne’ to order and I duly soaked his bed, pillow, sheets, mattress, carpet, bathroom floor, chair and, for good measure, his discarded clothes. Because this slave loves watersports filth, I even dreamed up an extra layer of cruelty by making him stand with his eyes closed, facing the wall and terrified to peek as I described to him exactly how and where the piss was flowing out of me. The more of his hotel room I trashed and saturated the more excited he got… without even the pleasure of seeing me in action.

When he started sobbing with sexual frustration and distress, I was SO tempted just to leave him standing there with a miasma of pee suffusing his entire room and his promised milking disappearing down the hotel corridor lol – but I am sometimes a fool to myself by being too caring and kind and so I bound him tight in one of my new white canvas bodybags (of which more later…) and dumped him on his own damp bed for the ill-treatment he so hugely desires. The fun part for me was that as soon as he was milked I could depart back to my own luxurious (and very clean) suite leaving him with the massive task of cleaning up and explaining to the maid how he managed to piss his own bed in SO many varied places… what a filthy slave he must be!

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