Done and Dusted

Jan 14, 2013

 As my regular slaves all know, I'm renowned for my watersports abilities, with the capacity to hold copious quantities, and strict control of the flow. So I was not surprised that my session slave today failed to complete his task of drinking down the the entire contents of my bladder, even though I know he adores the taste of my house champagne above all things. To be fair (though that is an unusual concept for me) he did make a creditable attempt to swallow all the warm liquid dripping steadily into his gag from the full bag suspended above his head but he took so long to consume a mere half-pint of his treat that in the end I called a halt because I was anxious to move on to more scary games.

Releasing him from the severe bondage of his shrink-wrap cocoon, I soon had him strapped down to my whipping bench with electrics working deep in his rear and with yet more current tweaking away through the electric humbler trapping his balls. With all that painful equipment in place there was hardly room to suction the Venus machine onto his cock but I was determined to keep this slave mechanically wanked for hours and so we managed it somehow.
It was also the ideal position to try out my idea of fitting a gas mask over his face while a ball gag remained in place. True, this was both painful and distressing as he drooled uncontrollably into the rubber mask, but I knew he would lick up any saliva spillage from the floor later, so it wasn't really a problem. He was suffering most deliciously while I took pictures for my twitter account missmiranda01 and so I decided there and then to give him a final reward. I donned my own matching gas mask and attached my air-to his air inlet. That meant his only air supply was my exhaled breath - what a treat for a lucky slave who only lives to be near me! Even more so when I expertly drained the spunk from his balls with a few deft strokes from my fingers and then parked my rubber-clad rear firmly across his face for a last few moments of suffocation. He left a wiser, less thirsty and happier man: my job done and dusted

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