Double Milking Day

Apr 11, 2015

 The final scene of my latest, week long, filming extravaganza saw two of my own male slaves suspended and tied by my USA visitors Elise Graves and Brianna for a unique double milking session in my upstairs dungeon at Hanwell Towers. Mark from Serious Bondage in San Francisco had been keen to film the double milking tube in action and the two women picked a couple of needy subs from my stable of male slaves to demonstrate how it works. It’s a pity they didn’t choose more perfect male specimens, but sometimes you just to work with the material that comes to hand.

Both guys were soon suspended in leather body harnesses from a ceiling beam, facing each other and with their cocks covered in lube ready to be fitted into each end of the clear Perspex milking tube. This special bit of kit from ‘Serious Kit’ here in the UK allows two subbies to be simultaneously wanked in close proximity to each other and left, if need be, for hours of teasing frustration with the machine set to a slow but steady rhythm. As the milker started its work, Elise and Brianna busied themselves strapping further arm-binder bondage onto each of the slaves and tying them into positions from which they were never going to escape.

In the meantime, I had a bit of fun adjusting the machine’s suction levels and speed settings to achieve the maximum stimulation with the maximum discomfort and minimum chance of any sexual release for both slaves. It may have been showing off a little for the women and for the Serious Bondage site camera but I went out of my way to find a suitable rubber attachment to link the breathing tubes of my two greedy subs. It meant that they not only had to breathe each other’s air whenever I chose but also that the drool collecting around their pump-up rubber gags could be shared between them and into each other’s throats to save it dripping onto my floor. They were moaning a lot by then, but I couldn’t work out if that was from despair, or from the excitement they were feeling from being at the mercy of me and my two beautiful USA visitors. On reflection, it was probably from pain and discomfort but ‘Why the fuck should that bother me anyway?’

When all we girls got bored with their suffering, and when Mark had sufficient kinky film for his website, we decided to leave the two male ‘lovebirds’ locked together, facing each other and slowly being driven mad by sexual frustration. One of them was desperately trying to mumble through his gag to ask me to turn up the wanking speed dial, but his diction was so bad that I couldn’t be bothered to listen. They may even have cum eventually, but after a long week of filming, none of us really cared. We were off for a good meal and a fun evening out leaving them locked in the loneliness of the dungeon for the night.

The next day I and my American friends were all up bright and early for our exciting trip to Studio Gum in Frankfurt. But… you know that feeling you sometimes get when you go out and then suddenly wonder if you’ve forgotten to turn off the gas? Well I had that feeling as I boarded the flight at Heathrow. Did we ever set those two free? Or am I going to go back into the dungeon to find them with their cocks worn red raw and pools of drool spreading in a puddle around their exhausted bound bodies? (I do hope it’s the latter – it’s such fun to see my subbies tested to breaking point sometimes)

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