Eager Elise

Dec 29, 2013

Fans of my club site are in for a New Years Eve treat shortly when they get to feast their eyes on all the sessions in which I’ve just tortured and tormented my beautiful American pain-slut friend Elise Graves. Her pussy gets wetter and wetter the more punishment and bondage is applied to her young and flexible body. Well, you can imagine, I’m sure, that I was enjoying the sight and the scent of a very moist vagina by the time I finished strapping her up in the extreme bondage which I love to apply in my Hanwell suspension room.

Elise, who I first met when I tortured her mercilessly in her home city of San Francisco, has been staying with me throughout the Christmas period on her first visit to London and has fallen in love with all our wonderful Capital city has to offer. But, as I tied her face-up over my whipping bench and prepared to step-up her torment, she admitted that the sight of me looming over her with even more ropes and restraints was her favourite sight of the entire trip. I picked the suspension room as the first location for our filming day because I know that Elise just adores being held so tightly that any movement is impossible.  That was certainly the case when she was suspended on my body-board, held immovably, face-down to the floor and then hoisted up high so that I could start to work on all of the most sensitive areas of her delicious young body.

I know that Elise loves being gagged and so a mouth spreader was a must – but that did create a little bit of a problem as the naughty girl then proceeded to drool uncontrollably onto the dungeon floor. Well, I am nothing if not resourceful so it was but the work of a minute to drag in one of my male slaves to lie on the floor, three feet beneath her bound body, and start catching all of her saliva and snot in his own mouth.  I did fear that he might be so busy leering at her naked body displayed just above his eye that he might fail to concentrate on the job in hand. The pathetic wretch was therefore warned in no uncertain terms that failure to keep my floor dry would be punished severely – but I really need not have bothered to scare him because he was clearly so eager to drink everything that poured out from her lips, without the need for any threat whatsoever.

Well, once I had a male in such a handy position it was too much of a temptation not to use his body as an anchor point for all of the painful clips I was busy attaching to Elisa’s nipples and pussy lips. I think the pain of the clips did add a few tears from her eyes to the liquid mix dripping down on the slave secured underneath. It definitely did make his job harder to keep trying to catch her drool while every movement pulled on the elastic cords now joining his nipples, balls and cock to her sensitive ladybits: but then I am the Bondage Mistress after all and the comfort of my slaves is really the least of my concerns.

The last move was to bring in some electrics to both Elise and her wretched companion. Once I had the electric levels causing sufficient pain to both slaves I added the refinement of an audio channel. This wonderful microphone device administers shocks every time anyone makes a sound into the microphone, which funnily enough found its way to be pinned very close to Elise’s spread lips. With both slaves suitably tortured and peacefully trying to keep quiet, I was able to leave them to suffer and pop out for a welcome cup of coffee.  A welcome respite in a busy day of tormenting Elise… but the rest of the day is probably better told in another blog. Watch this space!

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