Easter Engagements

Apr 24, 2011

Well the lead up to the bank holiday has been an interesting one. I’ve met a new 'doll slave' and had an amazing session. We had a couple of false starts over previous weeks but managed to meet for a full on rubber and suspension session. This poor slave was in such a fluster when he arrived, that, he left his car keys on top of his car in the car park! (we found out at the end of the session) Good job it was still there on his return.

I met up with another loyal slave last week for 3 hours of predicament bondage and electrics. After hoisting subbie in the air, electrifying every orifice and joining his balls to his ankles (every unwilling twitch inflicted the ultimate pain).

On Friday my tomcat celebrated his ( cough) birthday. We met in the East end for a celebratory meal. What glorious weather it was too...and crafty Tomcat managed to steer his Mistress away from some very tempting coconut macrons (how did u manage that Tomcat?) Before heading back to the dungeon for a punishing attack on my breathing machine, shortly followed by suspended penetration and Venus 2000 tease. This culminated in the main dungeon with a very successful assisted milking with my magic wand.

Your Mistress finds herself in the outer reaches of the UK (well Edinburgh actually) for a weekend of fun and frivolity whilst my dedicated team of slaves continue to amend and improve my dungeon with a paint makeover, thanks guys.

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