Edinburgh Adventure

Dec 11, 2015

 The current closure of the video film side of my clubsite doesn't mean that I've completely ceased filming because I've a host of filming commitments that I am determined to honour with other Mistresses and some of my eager slave and submissive actors over the months to come.

That's Why I found myself this week on a whistlestop tour to Edinburgh to film with my dear friend and fellow medical expert domination, Lady Annisa. Her wonderful cooking skills soon revived me after my afternoon flight to Scotland and together we plunged straight into the first filmed scene with a client anxious for the sort of medical session that only true experienced, dedicated and sadistic nurses can provide. In Lady Annisa's superbly equipped clinic we used a heart rate monitor and blood oxygen saturation measurements to push our patient to the limit of his torment whilst strapped into the vintage barber's chair which makes treatment so easy to apply.

Then it was onto the bed for our willing victim for further tortures and a full milking which will keep him fit and healthy until his next examination is due.

Our second patient was subjected to a kidnap and abduction scene in which both of his naughty nurses took full advantage of his helpless state to inflict some creative and appalling games on his body and mind as the video cameras whirled. It was a long day and a late night before me head finally hit the pillow but Lady Annisa's hospitality soon had me rested and refreshed for a new day of filming delights.

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