Emena Frenzy

Nov 3, 2011

Its been a clinical few days in my premises. I don't know what has got into all you guys but it seems you cant get enough of the filling and flushing of my enema solutions. My selection of retention emena kits including a double inflatable bardex linked to a gravity jug  just brimming  with warm soapy sterile water has you just weak at the knees. My hollow metal stainless steel enema plug has proved invaluable and the unmistakable "aaahhhh" that has carried through the room at the manual evacuation of the aforesaid water has been music to my ears. Of course, your sadistic rubber nurse hasn't gleaned any pleasure from watching the pained expressions on the ‘ready to explode’ patients. Of course she hasn't accidently started busying herself with more pressing matters than leading you over to the en-suite to empty." Look at my messy room, I simply must clear the decks before your allowed off the gyno bench"...."You know health and safety practices mean I must keep you strapped at all times until the solution has worked its way through the colon"......"Yes of course you need to retain the fluid whilst I prepare the next set of treatments for you".

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