Oct 2, 2013

For decades in the past, hundreds of the most hardened criminals in America did their best to escape from San Francisco's infamous Alcatraz Prison: Typical then that your Mistress has spent ages planning to get in! However, unlike most of the visitors taking the tourist trip today, I had a special and exciting reason to visit the inescapable jail set far out in the waters of the Bay: I wanted the opportunity to shoot some kinky and fetish photographs against the real backdrop of the cells which once held the likes of Al Capone and George 'Machine-Gun' Kelly. Now... I know, I know... you are all asking; why would I want to visit a disused American prison when I have my own inescapable prison complex in the form of 'Cell Black M' back home in Hanwell? True, my cell block caters for lengthy stays, keeps my slaves locked in bondage and is equally as cramped as is Alcatraz! Joking aisde, however, the short ferry ride over gave some excellent views of the city in the background although unlike yesterday's blue sky dream, the cloudy, lightly rainy day obscured my view of the iconic Golden Gate bridge. I am however pleased to report that the weather stayed reasonably mild. Because this tour was an open event, getting stills without other tourists wandering into shot was problematic, but not impossible. I did notice, of course, the occasional raised eyebrow at the sight of yours truly marching around in a long leather coat, leather corset, tight black leggings with PVC military style boots and a white shirt. My fetish-light outfit was a constant reminder that whilst the rest of the world continues its holiday tours, kinksters such as myself are enjoying the experience on another level. I don't think my domination leather cap looked out of place with my ensemble, but did look a bit out of character for a daytime tour. However, 'needs must as the devil drives,' and I had a mission - Get Images Or Bust! I had been planning what I could wear to look good in photographs but not scare my fellow tourists since long before leaving England. Reading the literature about the tour, I realised that it was quick to highlight the number of steep slopes and long stairways, so stilettos were off the agenda. Now, I could take the opportunity to list the Alcatraz prisoners, the escape attempts, the number of cells and so on... but this is not a history lesson (and I'm sure Google will happily offer you all the information you could possibly desire, if you are interested) One tour done, one more to go. I'm off to the famous BDSM centre of the Kink Armoury in San Fran in just a few minutes. Alas, Aiden Starr isn't free today to give me a behind the scenes look. However, I am sure we will hook up again in the future. I've just seen that my interview with Extreme Restraints on their xruniversity site is up and running., That's pretty cool and means they have worked on a pretty fast turnaround, which is good too. I've not done anything like that studio interview before and it's always great to try something new. I know I'm biased but I think the footage looks great: what do you guys think? So, God, time is running away with me once again: better get my skates on... Kink here I come. Bookmark and Share
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