Essential Slave Training

Mar 24, 2014

Maintaining a select stable of ‘owned’ slaves is a challenge for any Mistress and it’s important to ensure that they never forget that their privileged position does not in any way alter the fact that they are my property to be tormented, tortured, teased and abused exactly as I wish. I was naturally distressed, therefore, when one of my owned wretches actually showed signs of disobeying me the other day: even more so because his silly act of minor rebellion took place in front of other slaves, far less fortunate than himself, at my recent multi-day to celebrate my years of friendship with slavegirl Sherry.

Now, to be fair…. For I am a just and understanding Mistress… the slave in question was a little tired and emotional, having been demoted to the position of cleaning slave for the day, crawling around on hands and knees mopping up and polishing my dungeon floor whilst Sherry and I tormented other slaves in front of him; me causing them pain and distress and Sherry being her usual naughty self with some face-sitting and other sexy delights to ease their discomfort. On top of that the owned creature was made to wear some particularly fierce nipple clamps (a particular hate of his) while he worked and everytime he thought I might let him remove the clamps and ease his distress, I simply instructed him to turn them round to new positions and reapply them immediately so that the entire nipple area became sensitive and deeply bruised. I knew that the clamps had been in place for so long that this slave must be approaching the limits of the pain he could bear but I was interested to see what he would do once that limit was reached.

There was, however, not the slightest possible excuse for his subsequent behaviour. I could see the tears in his eyes as he was told to turn them yet again and let the clamps bite anew, but instead he screamed and in an out-of-control gesture, actually threw the clamps to the floor and started sobbing in the corner of the room. Now, I will tolerate some bad behaviour from slaves but damaging my equipment and making a noise in front of his fellow subbies was way beyond the pale. “Just ignore him completely now,” I instructed Sherry. “If he’s going to behave like that he will learn that his Mistress will just not acknowledge his presence in any way until he has properly apologised and made amends.” For many of my slaves, being ignored by their beloved Mistress is the worst possible punishment, far worse than any physical pain, and so it was not long before I noticed that the wretch had retrieved the clamps and had willingly put them back in situ as a silent apology for his naughtiness. I left him on the naughty step, suffering in lonely silence, as Sherry and I continued with our games.

Nevertheless, it was important that the incident not be allowed to pass with some serious retraining and so I started the first part of that work a night or two later in a lengthy session in which the slave was teased and wanked and denied release for hours. In my suspension room he was hung from the ceiling with arms restrained and his cock sucked deep into my Venus wanking machine. Then whilst hung face down on my bodyboard, his torment was further increased by the introduction of a Magic Wand vibrator clamped into place below him so that it occasionally came into contact with the end of his wanking tube to send a thrill of intense vibration to increase his sexual excitement.

Most interestingly for me, I devised a punishment I had never used before by pissing into a bed pan in front of him and then strapping him face-down into the pan so that his nose just touched the surface of the house champagne and the scent of my piss filled his nostrils. When this sensory overload combined with the continuing teasing of the mechanical milker, I could see that he was ready to burst. A final session on the medical bench allowed me to bring in some serious breath control and my hypnotic re-breathing machines which drove him to the edge of his sanity with his longing for release and an ever-increasing and overwhelming lust for his Mistress.

The session was, however, just the start. Now that he is brainwashed and utterly receptive once again to my charms, it is time to move on to the more painful and distressing parts of his treatments. I do not, of course, ever want to hurt my slaves – but sometimes their pain is a necessary part of bending their mind to my will. After his act of mini-rebellion, I need to break this slave in every possible way so that he never again shows any free will. This will involve extensive cock and ball torture, extreme and terrifying bondage using all of the resources of my dungeon, some in depth-examinations in the medical clinic and the application of high-level electrics to all of the most sensitive parts of his body.

Were I not The Bondage Mistress, I might almost feel sorry for all of the pain and distress coming his way: but I know that for his own good I have to steel myself to show no mercy. It is undoubtedly a time to remember a saying I often use in such circumstances: “Pity doesn’t lie here at Hanwell.” May God have mercy on his soul.

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