Experimental Science

Aug 28, 2015

I took delivery of a new experimental animal slave specimen at my Hanwell Research Clinic this week and, with the help of my scientific assistant Miss Sherry, immediately set about a detailed set of research programmes which I think will provide invaluable data for the future treatment of that worrying affliction 'Sexual Insanity' which does affect so many of my slaves. We are never unknowingly cruel to mere beasts of the field like this slave BUT these tests have to be carried out whatever the level of discomfort he feels. Perhaps sharing Nurse Sherry's contemporaneous research notes is the best way of giving you all a flavour of what happened in this lengthy session:

"Notes 1: Subject is a dumb animal that stares at breasts and has shifty, piggy eyes darting round room. He is being shown a femdom video on the medical room screen and is simultaneously being exposed to multiple stimulation from both of his nurses. He is clearly in the primary stages of an underdevloped shaft of the penis, has pinprick pupils and is unable to form coherent sentences when he is touched, even tough he is not (yet) gagged.

"Notes 2: Although he is encouraged to watch closely as Nurse Sherry urinates in front of him into a container, there is no significant response from his shaft, although his whining noises increase (he may be excited) Clearly we need further tests.

"Notes 3: Nurse Despair decides to put on her make-up right in front of the subject as he is strapped down on the medical bench. The subject is clearly agitated by seeing his Mistress so close-up and shows distinct shaft engorgement as she applies Red lipstick (a response that has been noticed in this animal before) The size of the penis does, however, remain deeply disappointing at less than four inches, shrinking to 3 inches when medication is applied and stimulation is temporarily stopped.

"Notes 4: Oral stimulation of the penis shaft, followed by Nurse Sherry selflessly removing her underwear to sit on the subject's face, is having a marked effect and increases shaft size to around four inches: we have high hopes that when Nurse Despair increases the butt-plug electric and holds a Magic Wand vibrator to the head of the penis we will see growth that might approach normal levels! The experiment may yet be a success.

Notes 5: Disaster strikes! With little warning of an impending climax the experimental animal appears to have ejaculated into its condom! It happened immediately after Nurse Despair sensed that a climax could be near and so stopped the wand vibrations. From the subject's distress and tears that seem to be filling his eyes the research team have concluded that this was a 'ruined orgasm' that managed to release the pressure of man-filth in the testicles without any of the pleasure normally associated with such an act.

"Notes 6: Although the Hanwell researchers had planned many other experiments, including breast suckling and tasting more of the scent of Nurse Sherry, it is decided to call a somewhat premature halt to the experimental session. The researchers had been unhappy about the lack of cock-response throughout the session and it seems unlikely that a second orgasm can be induced within the time scale allotted. The subject will be kept in humane conditions for a few days to recover fully and then the experiments will go on - watch this space.


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