Fear my voice

Nov 18, 2010

Today I had an amazing session with a regular slave who managed to tick off quite a few firsts from his fetish list. I felt he needed reminding of his place so i decided to treat him as my prisoner, keeping him in chains, nipple clamps and a nasty spiked collar that kept his head in place. To name but a few toy. These had to be in place as we moved not only positions but from room to room. I brought out my voice activated electrics, they are alwasy worth a laugh (for me) as my slave struggles to stay as quiet as a mouse. Why? You may ask, well with the mic next to his mouth every groan brings pain in the nipples from the electro clamps, plus pain in the balls (as ive connected my new electro ball crusher).
Now, where did i put those noisey heels???

Next I invited a long suffering chastity slave to our party. Ive secured my subbie in a plastic patient gown, plastic sheet and kept his face available (or should i say mouth). All activities culminated in a very substancial facial, all over the trapped plastic wrapped submissive.

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