Fetish Evolution

Apr 2, 2013

A multitude of Rubber clad bodies and a vast selection of BDSM toys and equipment for me to study and drool over at Europe’s premier Fetish convention: what was not to like about my frantic Easter weekend?  Festivities started immediately after my accompanying slave-chauffeur had driven me in a high speed dash across Europe in the Porche to the convention hotel in Germany. The grinding halt of chaos at Dover failed to dampen my spirits and neither did the lengthy traffic jams we encountered around Brussels on our trans-continental dash from Calais to Essen.  Even as we arrived, the party in the hotel bar seemed already well underway. Some familiar faces from Europe’s BDSM community were clearly well in the party mood so, after the quickest of turnarounds  to get our fetish gear in place, we were soon saying our Hellos and greeting friends old and new. I may have been a little bit tired from travelling but the evening rapidly picked up as I throroughly enjoyed ‘talking shop’ with my good friend and Domme colleague Fetish Liza and her partner. The evening flew by before my accompanying slave and I retired to bed to prepare for the next day’s adventure.  Morning brought the first vital decision needing to be made. To thong, or not to thong? What does one wear to breakfast in the hotel dining room on a fetish convention weekend? It seemed that no time at all had gone before it was time for the Expo to begin. The convention floor downstairs was lined with interesting images and artworks with a BDSM theme; the first and second floors were packed with collections of bondage and dungeon accessories, metal body pieces, unique jewellery and, of course, rubber galore in every possible variety of toys and outfits.

Such temptation at every turn for your eager Mistress and so, inevitably, I had to succumb and purchase some absolutely essential dungeon items to bring more cheer and considerable torment to you all back in Hanwell.  First on the list was a heavy weight slave rubber suit, complete with cock, ball and nipple access. Next, a full length slave trouser and vest combo that I know will look just fantastic and, lastly, for the more robustly built male, a long sleeved shirt top in heavy, heavy, rubber. The last thing I purchased with a very unusual gag that I just cannot wait to see fitted to some hapless slave’s mouth: its metal adjustable ball and hook gag offers so many possibilities for interesting play. Duly laden down with bags (well to be more honest, my slave was, of course, the one burdened with carrying everything) it was time to rest and enjoy a drink and watch the other attendees revel in the pervery all around us. Those who know their Mistress well will find it no surprise that the other love of my life took over and a hungry dominatrix was soon searching out the highly appealing and appetising hotel buffet. Those of you who have been following my adventures on Twitter will already know that my lunch was enjoyed sitting in the restaurant wearing nothing other than a broad smile and my favourite latex underwear. I felt totally comfortable and at ease wearing next to nothing in the public surroundings of this Fetish heaven. It is very nice to be enjoying life’s simple pleasures amongst so many fellow fetishists.  The convention was so popular across Europe that rooms in the convention hotel were at a premium and so after lunch, we moved to our second hotel: if anything even better than the first, although without the all-surrounding kinkiness we had got used to during our brief stay.  I managed to fit in a little filming at the hotel because it seemed a shame to miss out on capturing such luxurious surroundings on camera.  I also took the opportunity to make contact with a few colourful and

Fascinating fellow kinksters with whom I plan to film in the not too distant future. The only problem came because the room was so comfortable that my late afternoon siesta overran somewhat and slave and I were so late arriving for our evening meal that we missed the main fetish dinner and had to enjoy dessert instead: not a problem for yours truly I assure you.

So here I sit, on the Eurotunnel train back home... deciding how many hours I must spend in the gym to counteract my over indulgence over the happy weekend! Oh well… it is Easter after all and even your hard-working Mistress is allowed some time off from healthy living, isn't she? A strict diet and exercise regime beckons, not a real problem for me but one that is guaranteed to put me in just the right mood to treat a few hapless slaves to some serious sessions in my chambers over the week to come.  

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