Fetish Fun with Liza

Aug 11, 2014

What an enjoyable, if somewhat wet, day at Hanwell Towers this week! I was playing with a slavegirl in the morning, who came over and over again to soak my strap-ons and dildos. Then I had fun watching beautiful Fetish Liza anoint the face of one of my lucky slaves by giving herself a lot of pleasure whilst he was strapped down to my bondage bench. Having Liza here at Hanwell has been a delight and I’m hoping she will come back to see me in London again soon.

Her last session, with a particularly perverted wretch from my eager stable of male slaves, was chaotic – but Oh so sexy. I knew that Liza had been getting rather frustrated after teasing my slaves through the week and so suggested that she should just let herself go and have some fun. Dressed in the tiniest of rubber thongs, she soon had the hapless guy tied down in immovable bondage in my upstairs dungeon and was teasingly kneeling over his rubber-hooded face. I could see that the slave was going quietly mad with frustration as he got so near, but so far, to Liza’s most intimate scents.

His frustration levels soared as Liza ensured he was carefully blindfolded and then selected one of my most powerful Magic Wand vibrators to use on herself, just inches away from his face. It got even worse when he heard her slipping her little thong off and resuming the position squatting over his face, before the vibrator started buzzing again. Liza told me later that she had lost count of the number of orgasms she had enjoyed - and apologised for soaking both my bondage bench and my slave with all the juices that her climaxes produce.

The session sounded such fun that I decided to briefly join them to ensure that the slave was finally milked before his testicles exploded. While Liza busied herself with teasing his nipples, I quickly tied and separated his balls before using another wand to bring him to a shattering climax. Liza’s long, long teasing had clearly driven him to the point of explosion anyway and his cries when he was finally allowed to cum must have been heard the length and breadth of West London. The only thing left was to try and wash off all of the pussy juices that were now soaking his body? Isn’t it lucky that I now have a number of ‘wet-rooms’ at Hanwell Towers where Liza could lay him on the floor and simply relieve herself to wash him down. We left him laying on the floor, soaked in her pee, for a while before allowing him to shower and leave.

All in all, a great way to round off Fetish liza’s successful visit to Hanwell: come back soon Liza… we miss you already.

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