Fetish Liza Returns

Apr 10, 2013

What a fun filled day I had shooting with Fetish Liza yesterday and for one lucky subbie it was his first encounter with such an internationally known figure. Fetish Liza is an astute lover of latex, gloves and fetish play, catering to a wide number of practices (all featured on her site). As we had so much planned, we had to run things to a tight schedule, with the necessary refilling breaks in between of course. Starting in the medical room, we decided that we had to get the ball rolling with plenty of bondage, rubber and restrictive fun. Our patient, an unfortunate sufferer of ‘excessive foreskin’ needed a through foreskin assessment using our fingers to stretch, clamps to bind and finally a pin wheel to desensitise. Of course, the inclusion of a milking at the end was indeed necessary to check that those sensitive parts had regained their full use and feeling had returned completely to the area.

In no time at all we had moved to the suspension room. I had previously configured my board to raise the subbie up to the ceiling but be horizontal facing the floor, giving us access to walk beneath unchallenged. When such is the proximity to a pair of available nipples, balls and mouth, we couldn’t help but use this to our advantage and clamp, tie and fill respectively all those parts. Little did my sub know that despite his moans and groans, more suspension was on the agenda, he had yet to please us still with his mouth on our wonderful heels and boots.

The leather fun had well and truly got me in the mood to trap another helpless male victim, so soon enough, the leather body-bag was off the rail and this time on my upstairs table. Ensuring that the sub had no way free, strapping and wrapping, I left Liza to enjoy the cock gag. Would she please her slave as well as herself? Well that’s one for the members’ site to know.

The last scene, nurse Liza had been very ready to test out some of my electo stim devices, after all as nurses we cannot ethically use anything on our patients that hasn't been thoroughly sanctioned. It would be wrong on all levels and needed further investigation and as I’m very experienced in this department, I had to help Liza understand some of the wave patterns that could be used in the clinic. Liza got extremely comfortable on my medical couch, was enjoying the ‘orgasm’ setting when I couldn't help but move things up a notch and bring out the magic wand. It never fails to bring out the best in people.

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