Fetish Liza

Dec 7, 2012

Fetish Liza is a delightful kinky lady who is visiting the UK for a short period for lots of fetish fun and lucky for me she agreed to come and film at my chambers. We had a very early start as we had lots planned for the select few slaves handpicked for the day’s event. Our agreement of mutual content meant that we shot films for each other so with 6 scenes we had our work cut out for us. Both of us are forward planners so we had managed to work our scenes to leave little messing around for light and clothing changes (in fact we didn’t even eat during the entire day and for those of you who know me that was a miracle on its own). My only disappointment is that alas, poor Mistress Me is suffering from a mega lurgee and a half. Germs are not what’s needed when I have a week of filming with some Premiere Mistresses but alas, even the mighty can fall foul of illness. Never let it be said that I don’t give it my all, husky as hell and full of cold and alas not as erotically compelling as id have liked but I’ve managed to weave some sexy scenes with my dear subs and fellow Domes’. A valid point needs raising here, slaves if you have a bug you’re as welcome as fleas, Mistress on the other hand must be commended for her triumph in the face of adversity (well it goes with the territory doesn’t it).

So now I have your attention, you’re wondering what we filmed? One of the scenes to grace the club site in the upcoming months shows Liza touring my dungeon and taking a very particular interest in one piece of equipment; my fucking machine. She had been thinking of purchasing one and requested a go. Of course I couldn’t turn the opportunity down to have some fun giving her a good going over with it and with the help of my magic wand she was climaxing to the max. I think Liza is going to put a fucking machine on her Xmas list.

The next scene Liza shot for me involved her sexually troubled patient with an arousal problem. The poor male needed rubber nurse Liza to tease, torment and arouse with her specialist brand of face sitting to get the reaction she required. This scene I was not involved in as I had an urgent date with the curling tongs, early starts are great but after battling the early morning rush it takes a bit of time to get the old war paint in place.

The last scene for my site consisted of a ‘serial wanker’ kept in a chastity device, teased, tormented and worked with heels, and strap-ons. Id kept his cock and him caged until we felt like dealing with him. I introduced him to Mistress Liza and made sure he was aware of the rules so he would be on best behaviour for my visiting friend or else....soon enough Id handed him over, lock stock and keys to Liza’s and finally a wonderful climax at Liza’s hand.

So now I have one more day this week of videoing, let’s see how my voice holds out as I’ve a full day ahead. Maybe I’ll go into silent movies, surely they must be making a comeback by now.

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