Filming Frenzy

Oct 29, 2012

Today I’ve had a marathon filming session with a difference. The challenge was levelled at me to replicate some of the most challenging and interesting bondage positions that I’ve seen in a while. Thanks to some of the free sites out there you slaves do turn up some interesting finds in your web hunts. Luckily for me, my subbie in question is very experienced at heavy duty bondage, after all hours and hours of rope positions do really take their toll but never let it be said that this slave isn’t one ‘tough cookie’. I’m glad that I singled out the day for this session as adding a few hundred metres of rope to a torso and limbs is so time consuming. It’s a challenge to get everything correctly placed, the weight distributed correctly and the position arranged as required. This takes time and years of experience, not to say that there isn’t room for improvement. The main problem with being a perfectionist is that you expect everything to look, fit and feel perfect so I take great pains to ensure that every rope is positioned correctly. Luckily for me, things usually turn out as they should (and when then don’t on the rare occasion, then of course it’s the slaves fault). As I want everything right first time (and don’t want to waste time redoing the bondage) I like to pick the most challenging position first. To describe what I’ve planned would of course take reams and reams of text but simply put, everything has to connect, predicament bondage being an overall theme.

My slave is effectively tied with his legs apart, hands back, head fixed, ass plugged and nipples electrified, balls tied and swinging. If he were to sit on the floor he would be crouched down frog style but he isn’t, he is up up up in the air. My ropes ensnare his body like a winding snake, trapping him motionless. What better way than to make him watch himself in the mirror with the added hemp rope tied around his face and collar, causing him to merely stare, motionless except for the occasional spin of the hoist? Today I’m feeling particularly wicked, you know I do get days like that. There is no let up, no break, the weights keep coming, the electrics keep rising and the gag gets pumped to the max. This is merely position 1, I have 4 more to get through.

It’s always surprising how time disappears, such an old adage but time really does fly when you’re having fun. I’m often asked, ‘what session works well for you Mistress?’ well that is a tough one to answer as it’s the people that make the session not the content. What works for one doesn’t hit the mark for another. The key is variety, keeping things fresh, using different position, implements and scenarios mean my day is as varied as can be. Lucky for me the slaves are the driving force to my creativity.

Now, you may well wonder how I manage to keep the pace, working so hard with all the other essential elements that are needed to keep my dungeon running smoothly. Usually my variety of TV maids offers their services in an amazing way. Today however, it must be said that my domestic of choosing, Maid Barbara is lucky to still be in one piece. Putting my food order in for 2.00pm, expecting my omelette to be prepared and ready to eat with a mere 10 minutes break I’ve allowed myself in the filming. Not a hard task, I can hear you cry cooking to cue. However, walking in, starving and ready to be fed only to see an uncooked egg, a chopped tomato and not a hot ring on in site was enough to make my blood boil. Not only that the stupid tart has managed to spill the milk of my coffee all over my new Nespresso machine, making a dreadful mess and adding salt into the already sore wound. Let’s just say that her life is now going to take a turn for the worse as her punishment has been decided. Her fate? Well that will have to occur on the next blog.

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