Fisted To Manners

Feb 16, 2012

When a slave asks me for an evening booking on Valentine's day, I of course have to consider my options carefully. Weighing up my those options I decided, what the hell, I'm sure he will be most grateful for the opportunity to serve on such a special day. Can you imagine my horror as my slave waltzes in, bold as brass HALF AN HOUR LATE!!! Mortified was one word to describe my mood, things went from bad to worse from there....for him.

As you all know, towering over most of my slaves makes me a formidable sight in my platforms, this slave was a tall boy himself and I sussed out straight away he uses his height to intimidate. Well, he picked on the wrong person today. The bigger they are, the harder they fall and with the first of many almighty wallop around the cheeks, dragging him and strapping him to my bench started the scene and set the benchmark.

What better way to strip of a slave of his clothes, his dignity and his attitude than to give him an ass fucking of a lifetime, ramming his mouth full of cock and following up with an ass stretching, it's all good preparation for his stretching, with my FIST. Swiftly moved from the whipping bench and onto the sling, my slave was trapped, ass out and ready for more humiliation. 'Ah, thirsty are we' I teased him, before standing over his face and filling his mouth full of my warm wet house champagne.

Swinging him on and off the fucking machine certainly brought a smile to my face and a grimace to his. By the end of the session, subbie had learnt his lesson and then some! Cock electrified, ass stretched, mouth filled and body tied, the rest they say is history.

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