Friday Footy Madness

Dec 21, 2012

This morning has been rather eventful so far and I'm extremely glad that it didnt rained, although the state of my sub proves that yesterdays downpour has left its mark. Of course I'm skipping ahead a tad, let me start from the beginning.

During the last months filming session, I'd shot a scene with Mistress Juilette De Sade based around a very pushy linesman sub who was terribly liberal with his 'red card' decision on the football pitch. As a potential 'England' player, I had to demonstrate my displeasure by dealing with this unacceptable behaviour with a swift kick, push and pounding to the balls. Crashing to the floor on the muddiest field you have ever seen coupled with more than one take just to be sure (it's almost as if Mistress is milking the situation isn't it) my poor slave was literally head to toe in mud. Silly Mistress seemed to forget about the downpour and didn't bring a towel. Well, subbie didn't realise either so it's a long drive home for him to shower at home on a Friday afternoon while soggy and wet. Well you have to suffer for your art don't you.

To say that I was killing myself laughing was the understatement of a decade, all for a short opening sequence but I'm sure it will make to video far more interesting for it. Thank you subbie for your muddy contribution.

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