Frolics in the Medical Room

Jan 11, 2013

So here I sit on a Friday evening after a fabulous medical rich day and boy what a day. I met a new slave with a wonderful list of suggestions for me to take my pick from. You would think that 4 hours is hard to fill…well I can assure you I could have managed 8 and still left many a stone unturned. Usually I summarise the play in my blogs but my delightful slave has taken the time to respond rapidly and with his permission I’ve decided for a change to include his response here, why? Well firstly the fabulous time we have spent together this afternoon seemed to disappear (as it so often does when things go to plan). Secondly I thought it might be nice to share such a wonderful email. So here it goes:

Despite so many years of practise in various places in Europe and East and West I have almost
never experienced a "first session “of this intensity and harmony.
The dedication, creativity and attention you constantly put into these four hours are rare and beautiful .I know from start that I could have total trust and confidence in You, an intuition having scrutinised your web site and your films announcements which turned so right.
I will not dwell on revisiting our play, but just recall my thrills through the sensations which still vibrate in my body. Your all orifices invasions especially the forced retention of the enema and bladder filling as well as your fisting-your hand fitting my arse as perfectly and tightly as the latex garments encasing my figure. The thorough sophisticated and simultaneous electro reprogramming. My mind soul and body Blown up to smithereens by , yes the rubber bondage , the breath play and the medical predicaments , but above all by Your presence and your mastering of the game.

Time flew without noticing, I could have stayed in your talented and tormenting hands for so much more time and exchange. We talked of some action we could have undertaken and did not even had time to think about. This is nothing more than , if ever needed , a powerful incentive to count days until such time I come back to London and ring at your door and ask if You want that we write the Chapter 2.
As a good bye , I say again my last words that ‘you are a magician and a fairy’.

As you can see I thought with such a lovely email it would need to find it way to my site. Have a good weekend and see you all
lease take utmost care of your wonderfull self.

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