From across the Pond..

Jan 24, 2011

I've met an amazing Domme for the first time today who flew in from the USA with her problem 'patient'. We spent 4 hours today conversing, diagnosing and prescribing suitable treatments for his violent tendencies, his inappropriate thoughts and actions towards young female nurses, which will culminate in a further 6 hour heavier duty therapy session tomorrow. During his stay at the clinic our patient has undergone numerous reprogramming treatments including, multi phase enemas, electro shock aversion therapy plus extreme immobilisation bondage, to such a level to enhance his natural submissive side (albeit somewhat hidden at first) to shine through. Obviously we encountered resistance, but it takes a strong set of nursing principles and field specialists to illicit necessary management of such a difficult and lifelong case such as this. Nurse Sherry was drafted in for the procedure, being an expert in male tease and denial. Her skills were put to the test but without question we were able to reign in and conquer our test subject. However, the question lies, how long will this subduing effect last?. Tomorrow once again an invasive assessment will be needed before the patient is transported back across the Pond to continue his treatments. To quell his unfortunate tendencies.

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