From Dusk Till Dawn - 14 hour long Session

Nov 11, 2011

This one is a record even for me. 14 hour session from 1800 till 0800. It was truly a memorable evening. My slave arrived promptly and was immediately fitted into a skin tight rubber cat suit, hood, gloves, gag and collar. As he was a new slave to me, it was important to fit in as many positions as possible, especially as bondage was his only session requirement. I started on the suspended body board, covering his rubberised body with a heavy latex sheet. I decided to make him so addicted to my latex by starting some re-breathing play, inhaling my exhaled air, taking in the scent of his Mistress with the aid of tubes and bags.

The next position involved the inflatable body bag on the bondage table, fitted with an inflatable gag, my slave had his opportunity to ‘float’ as the underside of the body bag is inflatable. He really enjoyed being left to go into subspace and he managed one hour in the bag. As this position was so intense, I decided to put him in the bondage chair with an inflatable hood. Nothing like getting the juices flowing for more and more stimulation, bondage and rubber.  It felt just about the right time to move to the medical room and really frustrate him with the Venus 2000 machine, which was slow enough to tease and deny him for over 90 mins. Still yours truly denied him the right of orgasm.

Soon enough it was time to bed down for the night in the cells, held in a body bag, hooded and locked firstly in the metal cell, shortly followed by the wet cell and finally in the padded cell.  I was very grateful for the extra pair of hands that I had drafted for the ‘night watch’ as I was feeling quite tired myself. I managed to catch a little bit of shut eye before fetching my slave from the cells for his final position. Lucky boy, back in bondage and this time granted an almighty orgasm after 14 hours of stimulation. Could you have held back?
I look forward to seeing this slave again, it was a thoroughly enjoyable night.

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