From Russian with Thrust

May 22, 2013

I've just had a crazily busy, but so enjoyable, filming day with my Russian domme friend Ella Kros at Hanwell Towers. A couple of my slaves took advantage of the filming special to sample the double-domme delights and I think it is safe to say that everybody, including we two Mistresses, went away tired but ecstatically happy.

Proceeding’s got underway in my upstairs dungeon where there was room to introduce one of my regular visitors to the strap-on cock selection of two beautiful women. I was so impressed with Ella's ability to push my strapped-up slave right across the room on my whipping bench, just by the power of the fuck-thrusts she was ramming in his arse. I know that none of my readers will be surprised by the news that I then had to pull him back again and repeat the process with my own monster cock: Oh Dear, it is the pressure of my naturally competitive nature. I have to have the biggest cock in the room and pump it more enthusiastically than anyone else. Ella did get her own back though by thrusting her dildo deeper into slave's throat when we graduated to the full gagging and spit-roasting stage.

Victim - ooops, I mean slave - number two was clearly in need of severe treatment in my medical clinic. He had earlier escaped from the mental health unit of Cell Block M and had to be dragged back and rapidly secured on the treatment bench for corrective therapy from two lovely, rubber-clad nurses. Even though he was in a strait jacket, I decided a Jennings open mouth gag was vital to ensure his good behaviour when nurse Ella sat her pussy and rear on his face to teach him proper breath control. Her watersports feeding was also instrumental in calming the patient, although I must not be too modest about my own role in tying and separating his balls to lessen the dangerous testosterone rush that came when he climaxed with the help of my powerful magic wand vibrator. One good thing about such long-term incarcerated patients is that used condom disposal is no problem at all: the slave greedily lapped up everything we poured in his mouth.

I'm delighted to report that Miss Ella thoroughly enjoyed her day, which culminated in a teasing POV film to encourage all you happy wankers out there in 'Miranda-land' and with us both donning leather outfits to give our last scene a leather-fest of pain and torment. A wonderful end to a wonderful day!

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