Fuck The Hole

Jun 14, 2012

There's nothing like having fresh meat at the manor and today is no exception. To start my day of play I've had a wonderful rubber slut who simply loves predicament bondage. I started off my putting my subbie in mittens, ball tied into a parachute and hooked to the pole behind. Collared and roped into place with just the balls being tugged, I encouraged my subbie closer and closer to my boots. 'I want to see you lick these' I teased as my boots slipped further and further out of his grasp, forcing him to stretch himself forwards to achieve the unattainable goal. Groans of pain followed my giggles of pleasure and life got even more challenging for this piece of man meat.

Seated with bent legs the next challenge was to straighten his legs. Oh didn't I mention his balls were tied to the spreader that held the legs apart. Straightening would have dire consequences on his testicles. Oh well, shit happens, as they say and yours truly started helping my slave by resting my boots on knees. 'I want to see your hard cock hit the floor and I'm going to put it there' I mused. With all the slow vice like pressure my slave could stand I gradually trampled this cock to the floor and with a triumphant 2-0 to me, I moved him on.

Next I knelt my slave up straight and wrenched his balls backwards to the pole behind. I kindly made a lubricated 'hole' in my hand and encouraged him forward to 'fuck it like he wants it'. As before this task was tricky as he really had to stretch and barely had the lightest touch on my hand. Frustrated groans emanated from the slave. God he wanted to fuck the hole but those stretched balls were aching to the max. Would he reach it????

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