Full MOT a la Mistress Miranda

Nov 8, 2013

Its always nice to meet new subs, especially when they arrive with a list of requirements which give me a full scope to enjoy and unleash my devience to its full potential. Naturally as always time is my only enemy. With everything availble, where to start??? Ive decied however (with my subbies permission) to post his summery of this first visit to my chambers as id say its alwasy good to have a different perspective on events. I know, I know, this is 'My Blog' but you subbies dont get a page to air your views here usually. I realise a lot of sites have a 'Subs corner' for reviews, but unless its listed on an outside board, whats to say that its a genuine review. Well thats always been my viewpoint so alas, you guys (and girls) rarely get a lookin, other than to be displayed like pieces of meat in the site as decorative works of art for my fun and amusement. So, am I starting a trend? Well i wouldn't go that far. After all, no one does it better than a control freak perfectionist! However, I enjoyed this email, so here it it for your viewing pleasure as well, word for work. Enjoy

 weeeeellll what do I say.. if anything?
3 glorious hours
plenty of boxes ticked
opportunity left for even bigger and better things perhaps to come?
The drive down took several hours, several hours to contemplate and wonder
Am I doing the right thing
Do I need my head testing
what ifs?

The Mistresses chambers were very well described finding them was easy, very easy parking close by
I was welcomed and escorted inside and briefly left upstairs awaiting the arrival of the Mistress, a brief wait made all the more worrying as I reviewed the decoration. Wall to wall rubber and all manner of other tormenting devices.

The Mistress made her entrance stunningly with a body many would die for, not sure I have seen such a good looking corset clad figure for some time, black latex toooooo mmmmmm.
Sadly I don’t recall even commenting and after Mistress had made such an effort bad boy

Still perhaps a strategic move on my part, room for an apology later?

A few brief words and I found myself quickly wearing a latex suit with hood, gloves and socks and following the Mistress downstairs her arms full of carefully selected latex and there was a lot.

Down in Mistress’s medical room she spoke out loud voicing her ideas, perhaps it could be considered “thinking out loud” I now found Mistress holding another black latex item before me tantalisingly requesting I insert my arms into a thick black latex straightjacket, once inside my already gloved hands were rendered entirely useless

I soon found myself strapped down firmly to her medical couch scarcely able to move.
Damn was this a case of mistaken identity or what? I had only arrived to enquire about an MOT? There were more straps and ropes than you could imagine..damned health and safety I suppose? I imagine it must be a difficult profession, claims must be rife? To be honest I suspect there may have been an element of personal satisfaction in Mistress ensuring my safety, between you and me I think She has a thing for straps and ropes… kinky eh?

Whilst Mistress busied herself preparing I was entertained with the insertion of an electrified butt plug, gawd the feeling of those electrical pulses, had me struggling to free myself from those straps. Mistress administered her own cocktail of medicine which I have to admit had a strangely calming effect, my eyes trying to remain focused on her features.

How could I have ever thought that was it?
She had only just begun as now my penis and balls became her attention. Soon even those items were being tormented electrically. All the time the occasional administration of the Mistress’s own special medicine and the unmistakeable occasional odour of …. Finally I was teased and tormented until I thought I could take no more.

More was to come

I was released and led next door where I soon found myself encased and secured to a body board inside a very snug fitting latex bodybag. The addition of a thick sightless zipped, laced closed hood ensured my remaining senses were on overdrive.

Further medicine was administered and by cock and balls freed from their only to be tormented further for Mistress’s pleasure and enjoyment

I was led back to Mistress’s medical room once more. Seemingly this Lady was not yet satisfied. She stood before me holding another thick latex garment the features of which would soon become all apparent.

Wires from the pads on my nipples were threaded through the open holes in the chest of this new garment. Mistress then had me fold both arms across my chest within a latex tube inside the garment seemingly movement would be at a premium. Mistress then added an anaesthetic mask before revealing her masterstroke. This garment included the delights, some might say of a thick latex sightless hooded mask which was quickly zipped up further securing the mask over my mouth and nose and now by this time totally un removeable until of course Mistress decided.
The body was then zipped closed before Mistress now revealed the whole thing was inflatable.

Once again secured to the medical couch, tormented anally with another electric probe this time milked to exhaustion. Did I buck, did I writhe, did I squirm, did I break free, I was freed only when Mistress was satisfied.

Overall best MOT I have ever had very thorough, meticulous attention to detail, outstanding health and safety considerations. God only knows how thorough a full service might be.

Would I recommend to others…. No
Why… why would I want to reduce my chances of a second, third or fourth visit


AA 5 star rating

Garage proprietor of the year 2013

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