Fun In Folsom Street

Oct 1, 2013

Being out in public in my most fetching, blue, strappy latex outfit with a humongous-sized blue, strap-on cock standing proud from my groin certainly drew attention to myself, even in the midst of the famous Folsom Street kinky street fair in San Francisco. Now, you all know what a modest and self-effacing Mistress I am, but I have to confess it is easy to feel like an ‘A-list’ celebrity when everybody wants you to stop and pose for pictures. The fact that a slave was tagging along behind, led by his cock cage, helped heighten my profile too, I think. ‘Mumman', my Serious Bondage encasement, male slave was fully kitted out in a hard, blue, plaster cast along with his necessary chastity device for the long walk down Folsom which took hours due to the flashing cameras and photo requests. In fact, my face hurt from constantly smiling for pictures. Thank God that the sun at least was shining and that it was toastie-warm for this outdoor extravaganza of all that is kink. You will pleased to know that your Mistress went down a complete storm, wowing the crowds with the size of my strap-on, the extreme encasement slave dangling behind me and, of course, some rubber to die for. It seems as though the America crowds are not as familiar with the delights of costume-made latex clothing as are we Brits. The fact that I was wearing something designed by me and which was truly one of a kind, therefore worked well and made me something of the a star of the show. Talking of which, I'm pleased to mention that I caught up with 'Aiden Starr' from the Kink company with whom I shot in Extreme Restrains in Los Angeles. I also met Alice, from 'Alice in Bondageland,' and her slave which was also a treat. For much of the time I was also surrounded by some seriously hunky muscle, even though they were, sadly for me, mostly gay. But at least the muscles were attached to some serious male eye-candy which can't be bad. Some of the people who approached me turned out to be ‘twitter’ fans who had recognised me from my regular updates of this American trip. The Folsom Street Fair is about more than just me, though and I had a lot of fun watching Michael, an expert rope-bondage rigger slowly and skilfully binding and suspending his female slave. I had previously met Michael at Mistress Cyan’s LA studio where we had chatted before he departed for Folsom. Alas, the day proved to be so chaotic and the crowds taking my pictures were so enthusiastic that we didn't manage to work together as we had originally planned. After finally managing to wend my flash-bulb paparazzi packed way right down the crowded street, I headed off to the equally famous ‘Wicked Grounds,’ kinky coffee bar in search of the necessary lattes to satisfy my insatiable lust for coffee. With arms encased in solid plaster, poor Mumman had to drink his through a straw. It was an entertaining spectacle because his limited vision made it dangerous to stand too close to him due to the ever-present threat of hot, flying coffee. Anyhow, aching feet aside, it was great to experience to be at such a colourful fair: a trip which has long been at the forefront of my own ‘to-do’ list. Aiden had invited me back to the Kink arena but the 3 p.m. time slot saw my stomach rumbling and nothing short of a three-course eating exxtravangaza was ever going to ease my suffering at this point. Hailing a cab was interesting: the first cabbie wouldn't let our group in, but five cars along was a friendly driver. "You wouldn't believe the weirdos that are in the fair" Dalton joked as myself, Mumman, and my cameraman squeezed ourselves into the back seat of the car and headed off to the relative calm of the Serious Bondage institute. Feeling pretty burned out, any filming plans were put on hold. Thai food was calling and nothing short of a miracle would keep me from it. Oh, and one little aside. I have purchased a brand-new and fascinating bullwhip and needed a little practice before letting it loose in my London-based slaves. I decided to have a warm-up run on Mummans plaster-encased body. However hard the whip cracks he is unlikely to feel a thing, I thought: the perfect crash test dummy after all. Bookmark and Share
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