German Invasion

May 17, 2012

It’s rare that I meet another natural-born sadist and domme who enjoys her work as much as I always do, but this week saw the visit of one of my closest European friends, the beautiful Madame Charlotte who came to stay with me at Hanwell Manor. Recently voted on German TV as that country’s “most hard-core dominatrix,” my guest quickly proved to several of my hapless slaves that she totally deserves the cruel reputation she has earned right across the continent.  Although Madame Charlotte mostly works from a beautifully equipped dungeon in Hannover, she does travel extensively and it was a pleasure to show her how well some of my British slaves can perform. Of course, they had all been instructed that it would be more than their miserable lives were worth if they dared to let me down in front of such an honoured guest. The punishments I had dreamed up to keep them in line were truly terrible.

I did fear for a while, however, that one particular wretch was going to show me up by failing to accept all of Madame Charlotte’s special treatments. I saw his naked body shake with fear as she used the point of a biro pen to draw two perfectly-formed targets across the stretched skin of his testicles. When she and I began a detailed discussion of exactly where on her targets the needles were going to penetrate, I even thought for a moment that he might try to escape the straps that were holding him down. I had to give him one of my special “Don’t even think about it...” looks to ensure he accepted his punishment with suitable gratitude for the trouble we two mistresses had taken to really hurt him.

I had seen Madame Charlotte’s award-winning “Brutal Bunker” video, with its imaginative use of a bullwhip and blowtorch, so it was no great surprise when my visitor suggested that she demonstrate how well she could torment a slave’s feet and vulnerable little tootsies.  Not having a blowtorch to hand, we decided on the simpler approach of needles stuck through the underside of each toe.  As we filmed her expert work, and the resulting squeals from the slave on my medical bench, I was happy to sit back in admiration and let her take centre stage for that very special film clip, which I’ll be uploading to my member’s site in the very near future. It was rivalled only by another clip in which Madame Charlotte used her entire foot to arse-fuck another willing slave.

With her excellent command of English, Madame Charlotte was quick to tell me how much she had enjoyed the hectic two days of her trip to Hanwell Manor. As always, the demand for my slaves to be filmed with her exceeded the time available. But she will return at some point to deal with the unlucky slaves who missed out on her tortures and Oscar-winning role-play scenarios this time around.  kommen Sie bald wieder bitte, Dearest Madame Charlotte.

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