Getting to know your Mistress

May 1, 2014

 It’s always gratifying to see a lost lamb return to the fold, even after some years working away from London, during which time he had not been able to visit me. I found that one such slave stirred my creative juices when he returned to Hanwell Towers this week for a lengthy session to catch up with lost time. I decided that the least I could do was give him a full tour of the building and of my extensive bondage equipment and techniques to remind him just what he had been missing.

Our session started off in my suspension room with his arms up in suspension cuffs and his legs forced apart with a spreader bar. I was pleased to see that he had not forgotten his manners and he asked most respectfully that I should target his nipples and his cock and balls. Well, who was I to miss an opportunity for such an intense play session? I duly attached some of my now-favourite nipple clamps, the large plastic clips with metal hooks, which I brought back especially from my last trip to San Francisco. They have a bite which can test the resolve of even my most experienced slaves. The next step, naturally, was to tie and separate his balls but I wanted to add that little bit extra and so dipped into my goodies’ box for some torment toys that I haven’t played with for a while. Because of the renovations at Hanwell to create my new medical room, I’ve been sorting out some equipment that I haven’t used lately and I found the perfect tight black, electro-bands that were a perfect fit for his bollocks.

Sometimes I am at my most innovative and creative with my long-term, regular slaves because I can try ideas out with the certainty that it doesn’t matter in any way if it all goes a little wrong; but on this occasion I knew I was (as they say) ‘cooking with gas.’ To my slave’s bound balls I added a long length of not-too-stretchy elastic with heavy weights at the end. Then I joined this cord to the nipple clamps, lifted his cock and tied the end around his helmet. My subbie said how impressed he was by the arrangement which meant that whenever I swung the ball weights it pulled the nipples not only downwards, but also closer together. By now he was whimpering and whining but I could see that he was not yet at his limit. I told him that everything that had happened so far was just a warm-up for the tight electro-nipple clamps that I had resurrected after some years of neglect.

I also started some massage in other areas. Although I am not generally one to fret or worry, the extensive building work continuing at my premises is something of a stress. Having no Chinese worry balls to hand I contended myself with using some British balls that were immediately to hand. Rolling and squeezing them in the palm of my hand really helps me relax – although I must say it didn’t have quite the same effect on my slave. He looked a bit shifty and so I turned my back for a moment – and instantly swung back round to find him reaching to play with his cock. He has yet to learn that I have eyes everywhere and nothing gets past his Mistress’s gaze. As a punishment his hands were tied behind his back and the cord holding his ball weight was lengthened. That meant that when he trudged upstairs, the weights bounced off every tread, adding a delicious torment to his step. Even so, I was kind enough to carry the electric box behind him to ensure that his cock and balls still received the strong current without interruption.

Upstairs I was soon repeating the worry ball treatment but then I decided that I REALLY needed to pee. As a treat for this returning slave I had not been to the loo for some five hours before his appointment and even my bladder was starting to feel stretched. Naturally, I didn’t want to piss on his face unless it was scrupulously clean so I had to spit in his face a few times to ensure his cleanliness. I laid him down in my watersports box, attached some heavy duty nipple clamps and slowly let loose a continuous stream of warm piss, pausing only once in a while to let him catch his breath as he struggled to swallow every drop. I’d earlier attached clamps under his balls and with my magic wand vibrator teasingly to hand I offered him a deal: If he drank enough of my piss I would let him empty his bollocks as I emptied my bladder. By the end, I was ‘Ahhing… and OOoing’ with the relief of going to the loo and he was gasping as he climaxed and still managed to catch the last few drops of pee.

Afterwards, my returning slave had to lay still for quite a while because he said it had been a ‘mind-blowing’ experience and that he would never stay away so long again. He thanked my so nicely that I did promise him an extra-special treat on his next visit, although ‘what happens in Hanwell, stays in Hanwell, ’ and I naturally cannot reveal his secret because I am not that sort of girl.

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