Girly Shirley Temple

Apr 7, 2014

 Sissy Shirley had arrived at the girlie party dressed in a totally inappropriate way. Now to be fair, Shirley did have, alas, no prior warning that she was going to be sissified in such an extreme way by myself and sexy Sherry. 'Oh, lets get these clothes off you... and turn you into the kind of playmate we're looking for" I told her. Rapidly stripped naked and hurried into sexy white stockings, suspenders, corset and padded bra, 'Shirley' was indeed taking shape nicely. 'Let's get her rear filled with a nice vibrating plug and tie her the chair,' I suggested to me accomplice Sherry. 'Padded mitts will go well with the straps, ankle ties and multi-bondage configuration in front of my massive mirror for her to see everything that we are going to do to her.' Sherry was positively cooing with delight as this slut learned the full extent of our devious plans. I had some clear instructions for Sherry as well: 'As she's nicly fucked at the back, Sherry, I'd like you to have some penetrative fun as well. Strap this black strap-on cock to her legs and enjoy yourself!'

It was no time at all before Sherry was riding and writhing, impaled on the strap-on attached to 'Shirley's' thigh. Both girls were soon moaning with sheer delight at the kinkiness of the scene and the obvious pleasure that the strap-on was causing. 'Oh Shirley,' Sherry quipped, 'it seems as though you've got a particularly wet leg for some reason.' Then (moments after Sherry had wiped her copious pussy juices all over his face and was still giggling at her game) 'Now it looks as though your face is decidedly wetter than when you arrived.'

What I've omitted to mention up until now is the role which I had been playing. Other than giving enthusiastic instructions to sherry, I had pulled out a set of curlers, pins, comb and full-head dryer from the wings. Whilst sherry pumped her way to full climatic release, I had been sectioning, soaking pinning and arranging shirleys hair into the perfect curlered delight, complete with full hair net to secure my endeavours firmly into place.

Selecting a medium heat and setting the timer for 20 minutes, brought 'Shirley' one step closer to girlie perfection. 'Oh, can I paint her nails... and can I do her make up?' pleaded sherry. 'There's still plenty of time for that,' I remarked. 'I think before she is made-up to our high standards, let's get her bound on the table for a bondage 69. I'll even add a cock-gag for you to ride if her tongue doesn't work hard enough to please you.'.

Naturally, I couldn't let the opportunity pass to fill Shirley with the used strap-on which had previously been strapped to her thighs and which was still dripping with Sherry's own juices. The consequence was, however, that it didn't take long with all this attention for 'Shirley's' natural testosterone to break through and for her to empty those unnecessary balls. As the vile man-juice filled the condom, it was clear that the first round had gone to we women. 'I wonder what's next,' sherry asked greedily.

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