Go Bananas

Nov 30, 2011

Its always a delight to have Sherry come and visit, these days it is so rare as her commitments keep her ‘almost’ as busy as your truly. However, luckily for one sub she had a window of opportunity to come in on a really full on nasty session. Nurse Miranda was on hand to administer some particularly pleasant treats, and health conscious as ever my patient needed to learn a valuable lesson in control.
5 a day is the recommended dailyallowance a body needs to be healthy and efficient. To ensure my patient takes his health seriously he has packed a bunch of bananas. Good boy, I hear you cry, however all is not as it seems. It appears these need to be inserted (minus the skin) to fill up his rectum and then retrieved.
I am always looking to break records, especially as he has had this treatment at other clinics, so I was eager to make sure he remembered this visit. I managed 3 bananas, one after the other , gradually inserting them one at time, making him hold them, filling and expanding his colon to accommodate the delightful fruit.
Good job nurse Miranda hadn’t suggested pineapples don’t you think!

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