Hail Monday!

Jun 13, 2011

What a fun start to the week. I’ve had the delight of playing in some new ways with one of my regular slaves, plus, Sherry joined us for some crazy bondage/rubber electric fun. To start we thought it would be interesting to see if two people could fit in a large rubber bodybag (facing each other). My male slave climbed in and tiny sherry manoeuvred herself inside the bag too. What a snug fit! As usual both slaves were up to some real mischief, Sherry to start with, had underwear on, and, I’m not sure how, it seemed to miraculously remove itself, despite the tightness of the rubber. What followed was a sight to behold, lots of laughing, screaming (tickling I’m guessing) and rolling around the floor (not an easy feet for two tightly bound slaves). Luckily id attached some electrics to my male slave first, Sherry’s were added later to her rear. I enjoyed whipping them both. Of course I had no idea who would receive the strikes as there was so much wriggling going on!!!

After a time, my two exhausted slaves were set free, despite their best efforts to stay locked in the warm bodybag. I hooked up my strapcage, I wonder if two slave can fit into there next!!!!!!

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