Happy Birthday

Sep 14, 2010

Ive had a fantastic weekend. Not only have i orchestrated a 7 hour session with a birthday sub (who i might add has been serving me for 15 years the poor dear), ive also had a very intense rubber session with another. For this session I donned my rubber cape which has a special significance for the sub in question, once i wear this beautiful rubber piece, my slave knows things go up a gear or ten! Lets just say he decided he needed a rest the following day and took a day off work lol. Cant think why???

Work is steaming along on my prison wing and Hanwell manor, it should be another month before ill be able to take in long term inmates.

Sherry has been around today and what a delight we had being entertained by one worthless slave and a pink hula hoop. Ive never seen such a dismal attempt at hula in all my life. However, it made us both laugh. ok i admit, my subbie did have ball weights and nipple clamps on at the same time, yes it did feel hugely uncomfortable every time he moved but hey, if you want comfort stay at home. if you get a kick out of putting yourself under riducule then you have come to the the right place. LOL

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