Happy Birthday

Nov 16, 2011

When a birthday comes round, it's a time for celebration (and not commiserations some have suggested) and this year was no exception for one lucky sub of mine. After having a lovely meal with some of the ‘inner circle’ consisting of a few of the behind the scenes people who really help keep by business ticking over, the desert arrived at the table, however this was of course not the norm, when you have a Premiere Mistress on the case, things should never run smoothly...someone has to suffer....and in this particular case my birthday boy got his face well and truly reddened. Brought to the table in a flurry of sparklers was a themed birthday cake. The brief for the baker, who found this highly amusing I might add, was to create the perfect dark haired muscle man, strapped to a bondage bed, leather chest harness in place and posing pouch brimming. Of course a red gag would have to be fitted and the message happy birthday ****.
The cries of delight as the cake emerged from the kitchen, the flurry of pictures that ensued and the amused faces of the staff and diners alike, none of them matched the scarlet tones of my special subbie. What a picture!! So, the night was a rip roaring success, smiles all round and of course I have to show you a picture of the cake!


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