He Came, He Saw and He Got Wanked

Nov 13, 2012

Filming day today started with a mad rush for the heated rollers, rubber thong and high boots....I’d like to report that that was for the slave but alas it was yours truly rushing around like a maniac to get the big curly hair effect that I do so love. Why is it in life all the good things take time? You know what it’s like, some days I’m in the mood to smother myself in full rubber regalia, other days less is more and today was one of those moments. My young new slave wasn’t complaining, he had arrived for the first time to the chambers with one desire, to be TEASED. Of course it would be criminal to let such a young (23 yrs old) piece of male meat of lightly, after all that’s not me is it. After giving him a chance to see his rubber Mistress clad in thigh high boots, I promptly trussed him up in his first layer of rubber. Of course, one layer is never enough for a demanding Mistress in the mood to tie. Next, I add a rubber cat suit, hood and collar before encasing him in a tight fitting rubber body bag directly onto the body board in a standing position. The excitement of the multiple layers was evident as his cock was exposed to the elements. I couldn't wait to get my hands on him, rubbing, stroking teasing and denying him but MORE bondage is needed. Strapping the slave to the board took a rapid pace (I didn't want him falling forward for one, it would be me he would crush) as I needed to see some rope encasing his form. I was tempted to say lifeless form but that wouldn't be strictly true as he was wriggling and testing his binds at every stage but the bondage was such it didn't afford him much movement. I added a blindfold (as filming can be distracting for some slaves) and some additional shrink wrap to keep his head as secure as the rest of him.

Wanked, teased and denied, balls tied and fingers oiled. I concentrated all my attentions on his near to bursting cock. His moans of pleasure were clear indicators to his mental state; this needed further investigation, how far could I push this slave to the edge of the cliff only to dash his hopes time and time again.

Next the medical room and my new wanking machine were called for, it’s amazing how engorged his cock can get and simply not cum. The continuous pumping worked wonders towards my plan. Back to strapping of this head and adding layer number two to the hood meant some serious restraint. Of course today is RUBBER DAY and just because the slave now has 2 layers of clothing plus a rubber straight jacket doesn't stop me from adding a rubber sheet and a rubber ‘smell bag’. My magic wand was on standby (so tempting to get in on that action haha) I decided that applying it to the slave is the order of the day. Inside the rubber smell bag I decide to treat my slave, i peel off my rubber thong and place it in the bag giving him the chance to inhale it deeply before simply using my hand on his cock. Let’s be honest sometimes it’s all about the hand isn't it. It was too much to bear, he exploded with and almighty pump. Round one over, now onto round two.

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